Finishing Touches

To all readers, potential followers, subscribers, et. al

Cocktail Molly is in the coda of its setup.  Soon we will using this blog to publish talented creative beings.  I have spent the last few months seeking brave poets, writers, artists, photographers, and musicians in an effort to produce a flavorful blog worth your time of day.

In advance I would like to thank the featured artists for Cocktail Molly’s upcoming blogs.  Also, I would like to take the time to thank those that liked the previous posts and hope we can continue to engage you and other independent minded souls over time.  Carpe Diem … we must not let them die … no … we must not beat at our pregnant creative bellies, hoping-no begging for acceptance for those that will never accept or understand the beautiful offspring … we must seize those sweet opportunities to deliver them as they come and share them with those that will treasure them as much as we do … Carpe Diem.

Thank you and may peace be with u.

Gregory A. Waits, Jr.

Editor & Consultant

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