Editor’s Note #1

Cocktail Molly is an experiment designed with intent of having a positive influence on the independent market.  As the nineties was nearing its end, the indie market was being consumed by the mass commercial market through innumerable buyouts and mergers in the recording, film, and publishing industries.  Moreover, artists, especially, photographers, painters, sculptors, and the like found their La Vie Boheme lifestyle being overrun by a systematically designed landscape with big money interests.

GONE were abandoned and/or low rent properties to grow up and coming theatres, galleries, record and film production shops or small local businesses that experimented with new products from the delight of the general public.

IN came an effort by the system to define and build culture under some blanket attempt at a One World Order … everything has become franchised, including the minds of the great majority of people (wealthy and non-wealthy, artist and non-artist) and the end result being a staid creative culture (or in layman’s terms: “shit is boring as hell”).

But the responsibility for our whack cultural environment is not solely the fault of the wealthy elite powerbrokers.  The general public – audience and artists alike – on many levels SOLD OUT.  We don’t like to hear things like this because it is very easy to point the finger at everyone else rather than turn a mirror ourselves, but like it or not it is true that on many levels everyone sold out; investing ourselves into an establishment where we would receive awards and applause based upon the approval of elite members within the establishment.  And the funny part about it all is that in spite of the system breaking down, many are still desperate in their belief that they will be rewarded if on some level they obey, don’t rebel.

Rebel in these terms means not thinking outside of the ideas that has already been set in place.  However, if our ancestors had failed to rebel by raising questions, demanding answers, attempting to build new things on some level then we would not have had scientific revolutions, artistic renaissances, or political, religious and economic developments.  Great people takes great risks.  Most importantly they took those risks and didn’t give a damn about getting fame because of their efforts.  Another misfortune to our era is that everyone seems to have become infected by the fame bug.  It is terribly sad that Kim Kardashian and other reality television entertainers are the representation of present day culture.  While I hold no malice personally to these people, truth is that we must look at what true creative gifts these individuals are bringing, or have brought to the artistic scene.

Cocktail Molly is not here to place the current pop stars and wannabes on trial for crimes against the arts, but to produce an alternative that is sorely being overlooked during the current mainstream craze. Fun through all creative energies without sacrificing those passions for celebrity is the goal Cocktail Molly is striving to attain.  To all readers, subscribers, contributors, featured talent that visits Cocktail Molly we hope you enjoy and support our efforts.

1 Love & Peace be un2 all.


Gregory A. Waits, Jr.

Editor & Consultant

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