The Artography of N’Digo London

Torture Pleasure Sidewayz Ooh ...N’Digo London has admitted on more than one occasion that she finds the current art landscape to be a bit banal.  It is not because she is holding herself up on some high and mighty artistic pedestal, but because she believes she is a product of an era that has come and gone but is lying in the balances for a rebirth.  That era to which she speaks of is the era of free expression of art through all mediums. “I think it may be a product of me reading too many books and watching too many old movies, but even when I remove those things from my analysis of everything that’s going on in the world I can’t help but to believe that our minds culturally has been arrested and held hostage by some sort of conglomerate.  That’s not an attack on anyone or any philosophy, it’s just that way I feel about things right now.

I feel as if people knows there is something wrong with our franchised culture, but don’t know how to escape it.  It really is time to explore our creative artistic flows instead of waiting to watch what will be successful and/or famous first.  That’s why I try to have fun with my art.”

The idea of her Artography grows from this idea that people should take some risks and have some fun.  Her art shows have provided art lovers with a range of avant-garde shows that embraces the traditional painting and photography (A Long Walk, Motions, and Floral Sessions) forms to mixed media (Wicked View and DamnedEdged/Damaged). “I always like to give people something extra when they come to see my shows.”  Recalling on an interview she had seen with Elton John some years ago, London states that he seemed despondent to the fact that fashion shows were not as eventful as they had been when he and friends frequented them during the seventies. “I want to do that. I want to bring that feel of enchantment back to event-goers. But … I want to do it without things being just ridiculous. There is a lot of ridiculousness going on and people calling it different or art when it is just an attempt to get attention. I thoroughly want people to enjoy my work when they come to the event. So the challenge is always for me to keep them focused on my work while enjoying the entire event itself. And I love it.” N’Digo London is an American native from Chicago, Illinois but has since relocated to Canada.  She lives between Winnipeg and Montreal.  Citing that Canada has been a surprising help to her creative flow, “the scenes, the air, the people in different locales helps me to relax and release without inhibitions.” She is in the process of producing an art show in Toronto this year.  When asked about it she says that the dates are not solid but that she has been getting some positive feedback from other artists that wish to partake in the event.  “I will be showing my work in the event, but I’m more interested in finding other creative souls to flourish with the Toronto show.”Maybe Mars_ After doing shows throughout the USA for the past year, she is looking forward to going to back the states to put together some events before her eventual trek across Canada and Asia.  “Yes I enjoyed doing my shows throughout the U.S. I am putting the final touches on some small shows I will be doing. I will update everyone on my Facebook page and the new website that will be produced this spring. Believe it or not I am new to all the social media. Even though I am somewhat young I have been very slow over the years to engage myself with social media.  I can be a bit of a hermit, but I have people working on it all and I will take a more active role in it within the upcoming weeks because I have learned it is virtually inevitable to communicate with people without it.” warmpeacestandstill

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