Ipyani Lockert: Poet On A Mission

Many options for her soles
Money to spend yet no joy found
The soul needs tangible love.
      –Haiku: She Needs Real Love

Ipyani’s poems are deceptively sharp.  They deliver deep motivational messages veiled with simple, beautiful and vivid descriptions.  The more one reads his work the more one realizes the potent punch it actually packs.  It is an epiphany that sends the reader into a chilled enlightened daze after reading one of his poems.

Her floral essence lofts within airs of love
Fragrance of passionate desire
To grace her petals
Kisses of pollen
Nectar of my soul
Sweetest of taste
Each taste of you
      -from Her Flowers

His poem “Serenity” is a great example of the deceptively sharp skill his work possesses.  The poem opens:

Purple peace
Violet victory
Royal are the precious moments
The majesty of life …

With one quick read it is easy to think that the poet just spewed off some words with a couple slick literary tools to make himself sound clever.  However, if the reader pays close attention they will notice how Mr. Lockert pays homage to life and finding peace in it.  Using color meanings; purple as blessed, royal and luxurious, while violet as a darker hue of red and representing love, passion, and energy.  Therefore, peace is seen as royal and the victory to achieve that peace will require (violet) high energy, passion.  And why should one seek purple peace and endure innumerable battles for a violet victory? Because life is majestic full of royal, precious moments. (The transition to get to serenity and maintain serenity).

Further in the poem he writes of being,
… Drawn to this cove
Chaos covering [his] eyes
Blinded by confusion …

Again the poet stitches words together like a master tailor and designs a lively image of things felt as one seeks serenity but is racked with confusion to accept it because of the chaos he witnesses in this world.  Ipyani continues to write in a way that inspires hope within the reader.  Letting us know that serenity is waiting for you if you want it bad enuf:

… the muster of [the] spirit
Tells [the] soul  to crawl
commanding [the] shattered heart to beat once more …

…A comforting warmth envelopes [you]
Peace  bestowed upon [you].

Ipyani’s poems seek to emit positive images and emotions within the reader.  “We have power in the words we speak, we live in a world that rather speak negativity and death over their own lives, rather than positivity and life, we each have free will and I chose to speak life,” he says.

Such words are refreshing in a culture that has been torn asunder by a bad economy, ineffective political system, and the majority of people left with a sense of hopelessness.  Ipyani Lockert seem to be a poet well aware of the strength of words and his choice to utilize them to uplift the spirits of his readers is an admirable quality.  This admirable quality explains why he has so many people trusting in his inspirational words, his mission and following his MotivationalRealizations.com venture on various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).

His goals for MotivationalRealizations.com seems to be aligned with his goals as a poet.  It is simply to help others realize the opportunity they each have within this fleeting experience we call life by tapping inward so they are able to find their gifts of hope and passion, then to use those unique tools to build their dreams, hoping that it will lead them to a life fulfilled; to see and help the people that chose to pursue their hopes and dreams, even if it seems greater than what they think they are capable of, to break through our perceived limitations by helping them find the right perspective, which is when we come to understand that any goal can be accomplished with the right amount of effort.

3 thoughts on “Ipyani Lockert: Poet On A Mission

      • That´s a good idea, I´m putting together a collection of all the poems I have written, have to do a quite a lot of editing here and there, and choose how it´s going to be organised to make a little book. Or just send them, and my short stories to some litterary magazine. Still have looooong way to go for that though.


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