Cuboiid: A Dancing Machine

“First The Dragon House dancers inspires me a lot on animation, strubbing and bonebreaking. They are the only inspiration by which today i m dancing.”

This is Kuldeep Cuboiid Raj’s, also known as Cuboiid, response when prompted as to his motivation for dancing.  He does not shy away from the fact that The Dragon House dancers, a hip hop dance group that originated in Atlanta, influences him tremendously.  He even cites some of their dancers as his favorite: Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott, Rain O, Glitch, Andre Rucker and BluPrint.  Also, he says that he is influenced by the French duo Les Twins and the Indian comedian Kapil Sharma.

All of these forces congeal to make Cuboiid a dancing machine on the rise.  Cuboiid can recall being told that he was dancing since he was one years old for family and friends.  He admits that his parents were not too pleased when he told them that he wanted to be a professional dancer, but his ability to successfully participate in local and international events such as Let’s Dance India and a soon to be produced album entitled Struggle for Dance has convinced his parents and others to take him seriously as a dancer.

The theme for the upcoming album is semi-autobiographical.  Cuboiid says, “The album is about dance. The album is about struggle in dance which many dancers understand. The dancers want to show their talents of dance but their parents are not ready for that. They are telling their children that this … the dancing … is not a future and they should not pursue it. Yes it is very similar to the things I went through with people who did not believe in me. Some people even made fun of me, but when I auditioned for Let’s Dance and got selected for the district level many came to me in that area, and praised my dance skills. After winning state level Istarted the event which is ‘Do for Dance’. Things change for me.

As Cuboiid further explains that the Struggle for Dance project will focus on how things change for those dancers that pursue their goals against the odds and succeed.  After succeeding at competitions Cuboiid felt as if he was that boy who struggled for dance.  And he is hoping that his upcoming projects will inspire others as he has been inspired by his idols.

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