Chad Bittner Hurt: Warrior of Love & Peace

Love as you breathe, bliss pervades.
Breathe as you love and all is saved.

Words poet Chad Bittner Hurt seems to live by in his poems.  In reading his work one could clearly see his devotion to the ideas of love, faith, healing and peace.  There is a fearlessness that exists within his work of these ideals that prompted the question of whether he feels that there is a lack of appreciation for positivity in poetry and the other arts and how does he transcend the negativity in the world to continue to write such poems?

“Positivity has its place but certain readers dismiss it quite readily. Some I feel think its unrealistic and sappy. Even though, I’ve managed to plant tiny seeds in them. As the days pass and the world inevitably waters them. I know my sweet little words are growing within them. Lovely Pay-it-Forward flowers one day sprouting. That’s if I’m lucky and let’s face it they’d have to be pretty lucky too,” Chad answered.

Hurt admitted that he has been writing for quite a while now, “twenty-three heavenly years.”  Citing the authentic confessional poet, Sylva Plath and the father of horror-filled poems and short stories, Edgar Allan Poe as his inspiration to start writing poetry.  [T]they wind me up something fierce! Whenever I read something of theirs I start vibrating with eager creativity.”  While Hurt does not shares his literary idols affinity to speak of death in their works, he does share their ability to weave a tale within his work that ignites the imagination of the readers.  For example, in his poem Consciousness, the way he writes of neglected self-portraits, haphazard fortresses, forgetting beautiful places, and creeping vines the reader would think he is weaving one of those famous Poe poems like Alone or The Raven or Annabel Lee.   Although, at the end of Consciousness, the narrator does not hear voices inside their head, dies, or is consumed by the inability to find a solution to the madness of random human actions like many of Poe’s – or even Plath’s – poetic narrators.  Chad’s poetic narrator finds that it is better to embrace consciousness:

…reaching out to you is my purpose
we find a home together in the golden mean
strongholds crumble no matter how enormous
when one love’s epiphany intervenes.

Hurt finds solutions in his work, which is more refreshing than boring.  A great example of this is his poem Refreshment:


Eat the food that is no less than
the best medicine in masquerade

There is exceptional health to
be had in decisions yet to be made

This is the prescription to
heal thy self

when you eliminate the spaces

Let’s open up our dining rooms make
them a haven for education & lively faces

Teach us to see beyond
the masks of what we consume

so we can overcome the sickness
this powerful lifestyle erases

In asking to explain this poem to readers, Hurt stated, “It’s a call to arms for all of us peaceful warriors to start healing ourselves with education and healthy food and to refuse the sugar and fillers that are being passed off as sustenance.”

The poets that inspire me today are Jackson Ahern, PJ Poesy, Nikki Anne Schmutz, and Rekha Remani.  They are just amazing poets. I am enamored by them really.

Finally, Cocktail Molly was curious as to what inspired Chad to write the poem Shutting Down.  It seemed to be detailing a writer in an emotional tug-of-war with staying connected to social media and disconnecting.

Shutting Down, he stated “was actually a piece I wrote sixteen years ago. I did a rewrite to include Facebook, it was originally referring to my obsession with poetry slams. I thought it was a piece that readers and writers alike in the groups would relate to. I wanted those who struggle with compulsion especially in regards to writing to know that they are not alone. We all have to be careful in managing our relationship with Facebook. Sometimes you need to just shut it down.”

Followers of this positivist poet certainly do not wish to see him shut down.  As James Baldwin once stated that positivity has never been a popular movement, but it is the few positive people who keeps this world spinning.


Chad Bittner Hurt’s work can be found on his Facebook page:

Chad Bittner Hurt -Writer, or at the website:

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