The Renaissance Man: Dale Lamar

“Yes I’m from Brooklyn. I don’t rep NYC. I rep Brooklyn. I’m pro-Brooklyn. Yes it is the greatest city in the world and I’ve been around the world no place u can walk 10 feet and get a turkey sandwich 3 in the morning at? And as far as art … We created damn near everything dope..Jay-Z, Biggie, Basquiat. I grew up here in Brooklyn. Brooklyn made me who I am.”

Dale Lamar is not shy about his love for his hometown and how it has influenced his artistic and professional efforts. Describing himself as a visual artist, which includes photographer, videographer, director, painter, and motion graphic expert.  Also, he has recently taken on a new title … publicist that has started his own company.

A natural Renaissance man and obvious free spirit with an understanding of his true worth, Dale is not content to float in the lower rungs of professional success, “Yes I’ve done work for some of NYC top black public relations company and I realized that I was doing their work for them minus the paperwork. So I decided to venture off on my own. I never stay the worker bee too long.”

He is proud of his accomplishments as an entrepreneur and visual artist citing the many jobs he has done in NYC and beyond.  “I’ve shot in Costa Rica, Dubai, and Spain. This is what happens when [people] start believing in themselves. You get shit done. You accomplish things.”




The one thing Dale is for certain of is that he will not be working with any more rappers.  “Yeah, no more rap videos for me. It’s way too much egos involved, too much work and not enough pay. Rappers want a plane in their video with a zero budget. They will spend $3k for there outfit and zero on music. The producer gets nothing the videographer gets treated like a slave. I make $4k a wedding and $300 for a rap video. wedding takes 1 day editing 1 day and $4k in my pocket. Rap video takes 3 days to film and 3 weeks to edit for $300. Excuse my french, but fuck rap.”

While he admits that he is a fan of some of the pioneers in his fields and is particularly an admirer of the photographer Richard Prince and director Reality da Director, Dale is quick to point out that he follows no one and is more comfortable with believing in himself and his spontaneous creative flow.


When asked what he would be mashin for next, Dale said confidently,  “Whats next for me is brand management company.and everything i deserve to have.”

More about Dale Lamar can be found on his website


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