Rise of the Urban Fiction Princess Authoress Yasmine

Once upon a time the urban fiction genre was dismissed by the publishing elite as the lower rung of the industry with throw away novels and stories meant to satiate an audience that lacked the capacity to compete with the more intellectual writers.  Now it is an industry that has more than proven its potency by producing talented writers like Meesha Mink, Wahida Clark, Vicki Stringer, Ashley & Jacquavis, Sistah Souljah, Kwan and Chunichi to name a few.  Many of these authors have managed to turn a genre filled with direct, gritty tales about inner city life and beyond into a bankable industry with millions of followers and inspiring many emerging writers.

Yasmine Davis is one of those emerging writers that so happens to be inspired by the previously mentioned authors.  At only 18 years old, hailing from Washington, North Carolina she has succeeded in producing, not one but two novels in a series, with a third coming out before year’s end.  She is not shy about her talents as a writer and believes that her age is not a hindrance, but a plus.  “I am bringing my style, sense of originality, and flava to this game.”

When queried as to whether people gives her a hard time and doubt her literary skills when they learn of her age, Yasmine simply stated that she had not met many folks that hated on her about it, but is realistic enough to know that there has been some who gave her the side-eye about it and in life she will meet many more.  However, she does not let other people negative attitude discourage her.  “People who doubt me actually keeps me motivated because they want to see me fail. I can see at an early age what I want and what the literary industry needs and I got what it takes to keep people at my age interested.”

Admitting that she is – and has always been – a book-worm, “I can’t help it. I would always be in class or somewhere reading some book I had just bought. Wahida Clark and Ashley & Jacquavis are a few of my faves. I will admit that I am impressed at how skilled Ashley Antoinette is outside of her husband.”

Thinking of the relationship that Ashley & Jacquavis have personally and professionally.  Recalling how the two speak of how they are so in tuned with one another emotionally and what they have is an example of rare love and affection that produces great results for them.  Cocktail Molly ventured to ask Yasmine her opinion of love – is it real or fake, alive or dead – and how it plays out in her fiction.

“I would say that love is real because it is more than a word. There is a strong meaning behind the word.  Love can be used for family, friends even a spouse. It takes time to find love, but that’s why it so special because it’s one of a kind in my eyes. I incorporate the idea of love into my books by showing the good and bad side of love, and the type of love I’m looking for. For instance, when people want to break up, but they don’t it’s not because they’re dumb like so many people are quick to assume. It is because their love is strong and they can not see their lives without one another.”

Handcuffed To My Heart First Book in Series by Yasmin Davis

Handcuffed To My Heart
First Book in Series by Yasmin Davis

Handcuffed To My Heart Second book in series by Yasmin Davis

Handcuffed To My Heart
Second book in series by Yasmin Davis

Which brings us to Yamine Davis’ book series appropriately titled Handcuffed To My Heart, which shows the complications of love and the life situations, “My new series is call Handcuffed To My Heart, it’s about a young hustler named Cairo, whoso happens to be in love with a girl named Maria. His love for her doesn’t erase the fact the he has bad intentions, a ‘thrill’ for the streets, and on a quest to learn who killed his father in a 2001 turf war.”

Sounds like enough drama to keep the interest of the reader from beginning to end.  For interested readers, they can get her current books, Handcuffed to my heart and Handcuffed to my heart 2 on Amazon.  To learn about Yasmine and her upcoming projects look for her on Facebook (Authoress Yasmine Davis) and Twitter @AuthoressYasmin.

6 thoughts on “Rise of the Urban Fiction Princess Authoress Yasmine

  1. Damn. these stories sound amazing. I love that someone so young is making waves. It’s good to see someone with the courage to take themselves seriously. Keep it up!

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