Bruno Lacroix: Ready For The World

The story of Bruno Lacroix is an interesting one for those interested in learning about perseverance and eventual success.  After studying theater, cinema and journalism at a university in Quebec, he set his sights on being an actor but found the dream more complicated to attain than perceived. “I wanted to become an actor but wasn’t accepted in acting schools even though it came close as I was asked to do a week of training with two of them. Soon I realized I couldn’t reach my dream I let go of it and worked for FedEx for 20 years as a messenger.” Real dreams die hard, if at all.  Bruno found himself attempting to pursue his passion again, as an actor, but wound up becoming a playwright.  “In 2012 I answered an ad in the paper saying a summer theater was having auditions. I went for it and got the part. Thirty representations later, I began to think ‘I can write a comedy like that.‘ And that is how I came about writing plays. I wrote a good play. Then I began networking it to theater companies all over the world through Facebook. They all have a page. I either emailed them or chatted with them if I could. Then I invited them to read the script or visit my webpage. Eventually I got theaters to producing my plays.” Currently Lacroix’s play, Cobaye Humain, is running in France.  It is a comedy about a man who had been a human rat in a lab for pharmaceutical testing companies.  Not resting on his laurels, Lacroix foundedd his own theater Le Théâtre Bleu and produced his second play in 2014. “The idea behind Le Théâtre Bleu was to produce my plays if they were not produced elsewhere but now that they are there is less urgency for me to produce a second one. It takes lots of time and energy and doing so I don’t write. So for now I prefer writing and providing new scripts to theaters and when I feel the time is right for me I will produce one of my new comedies and do some acting. Until then the theater will specialized in new comic writers only.” Seeing as the Quebec natives are more drawn to the comedic than the dramatic, Bruno has found success in his homeland and beyond for his comedic writing.  Cocktail Molly ventured to ask him why Quebec natives were so in love with comedy.  “We have the laugh festivals, festival juste pour rire, schools for aspiring stand-up comedians, and more.  Summer plays have been a tradition here for decades. I don’t try to understand why they are addicted to comedy here. I just enjoy them.” But he is not shy about the fact that he wants more. He wants to be a force to be reckoned with as a writer and businessman.  “I love writing more than acting because I have more power in the business than I ever could have as an actor. I’m waiting for a producer from a very big professional theater to give me her answer about whether or not she has chosen Human Rat Lab (Cobaye Humain)  to be staged all summer in 2016. That would represent the jackpot for me. My goal is to have a play that will be a humongous worldwide hit and movie deal. I want everyone to realized that I’m the new funny writer in town! I have a very personal style, the British talk about the Lacroix style. Let it be known! Outside of that I don’t think that I am bringing anything special besides my own style, vision and freshness. People describe my style as “grivois” saucy, direct, bright and funny. Also, I plan to either write a book about what the up and comers can do to succeed in this business or give some workshops. It is all about networking. New writers need to do the work. Be creative and forget about the submission process. I have never done it. I have never paid to be read. I find this very stupid. Playwrights need to be prouder and not be on their knees. If your plays are any good. You will be staged.”

2 thoughts on “Bruno Lacroix: Ready For The World

  1. Such a great story, Greg! Oh… Oh, love it!

    ‘Be creative and forget about the submission process. I have never done it. I have never paid to be read. I find this very stupid. Playwrights need to be prouder and not be on their knees. If your plays are any good. You will be staged.’

    It’s really inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Greg!

    Liked by 1 person

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