unleashed: the beastking is on the loose & hungry

11292824_1589469858007123_1523458095_nCharles “Beastking” Wilson, Jr. is a spoken word artist, teacher of poetry, leader of the cultural poetry movement Beastnation and host of the alternative radio program by the same name.

“Beastnation is a movement dedicated to combining all the countries together and fusing all the arts and connecting all the artists to each other. Our purpose is to bring the grass roots of the art world back as we promote unity as well as underdog recognition with the Beastnation radio project, we want every artist to be heard. By doing this we believe that the gifts of the people are actively being fused. The Beastnation philosophy will bring forth an opportunity for you and your children to share your gifts with the world. We want to be that platform. We are that platform. These artists are shedding blood, sweat, tears. These are lives, emotions bleeding on the floor with a determination to prove that the art world can change lives.”

11350298_1589469861340456_1827299502_nCharles Beastking admits his love for poetry began after reading the works of Langston Hughes twenty-two years ago.  Becoming a singer and emcee, Beastking, found that dream change as “my voice dropped into a deeper tone.”

As the old saying goes, all things happen for a reason Meeting thirteen street poets early in life, Beastking, found himself reflecting and continuing his education in the art of street poetry and its technique from them.  “They molded me into the artist I am today.”

Of course this leads to one question. The name, Beastking. Where did it come from?

“I’m a teacher of poetry. I bring the animalistic side of poetry out and I see the animal in people’s talent. I was called Beastking because of my animal delivery. It annihilates the microphone”

Beastking’s love of poetry and teaching it runs parallel to his love for history and keeping up on current events.  On the Beastnation radio show, he admits that he “loves to motivate and bring out people’s talent. So I give history and balance. It allows me to talk about every subject known to man so I can touch every person. I show through example that you can express yourself with no judgments. I bring the ability of teaching history, honor and true family connection and as the only freestyle host can adapt to any caller on the radio and bring out their hidden potential live.”

Not one to be coy about his ideal’s and beliefs.  Beastking weighs in on the topics of African-Americans in western countries protecting themselves against systematic abuses such as the incidents in Baltimore, Cleveland, South Carolina, Ferguson, Los Angeles, and Orlando (to name a few).  As well as his idea about diversity and the state of hip-hop.


“The state of the black family is in disarray. Mostly it’s because many don’t know their history. So yeah, I’m in favor of the Marcus Garvey blueprint and blacks reconnecting with Mother Africa, but those who choose to stay in western countries should do so and continue to stress for their sense of equality. My idea of diversity in the art world and beyond is that all of our nationalities are visionaries but as I said previously many people don’t know their history, black and non-blacks alike. Music is the best example I can use for my idea of fusion. Music fuses so many things well. It shows how everything can be fused: musicians, poets, rappers, singers, painters, dancers, all in one show and all from different countries. If we could all take the opportunity to jam together it would break a lot of prejudices. I witnessed a violinist from Russia, a dancer from Trinadad, a soloist from Spain, and a rapper from New Zealand come together and embrace the art forms and made the most beautiful art I have ever seen. So I made a plan to break racism and lack of knowledge with a continental project that could awaken everyone..

Now when it comes to hip-hop, this hip hop has no purpose and I am ashamed of it. They have taken the music and branded it into an industrial slave. Beastnation was created for this reason, to counter this commercialism. Beastnation is here to show how powerful hip-hop can be again.

As an emcee you are held accountable for your words so poetry is gonna take over to teach hip-hop what it’s lost. Only a few are awake, the rest are blissfully asleep destroying generations. So poetry has to show hip-hop now that it is at its end and needs to get their power back.”

Beastking lists Tupac, Cyhi the Prynce, and The Roots as his favorite hip-hop artists, while showing love to the poetry group Fiveology and Eatnetwork (on Jumanji) for keeping him inspires as an artist, stating that they are “my team hungrrry, my BeastNation … FAM keeps me strong. I tear up stages for them.”

Beastking will be spending his time with another poet planning and promoting A Million Poet Summit.  He can be found at facebook.com/charles.beastking.


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