Bad Service: A Short Story

Feature Picture About the author: Jacqui Dee is a budding urban fiction author. This is her first published short story.  Currently she is completing her second novel in her series, The Ballers Playbook.  Her first novel from the series, First Ladies League, is slated to be released this fall. Cocktail Molly is proud to present her short story Bad Service. N-jOy… silhouette-beautiful-woman-cafe-26924287 Constance had been at the bar of Le Chic Bar & Grill for the past twenty-five minutes waiting to place her order.  She had done everything but raise her dress over her head to get the waitress attention.  The restaurant only had a few other patrons so she did not understand what was taking so long.  Finally, the waitress emerged from the kitchen in a rush, with her cell phone pressed to her ear.  She looked to be heading for the front entrance.  Constance could have let it go and found another restaurant to dine at, but she was pissed by that point.  It was just another example of the rude encounters that she had been experiencing with people lately.  She was fed up to say the least, so she decided to confront the waitress.  Constance removed herself from the bar stool and hurried her steps to catch up to her. “Excuse me. Waitress.” The waitress continued on as if she did not hear Constance calling for her.  Constance kicked up her voice a notch, “Ex-cuuuus-se me waitress.” Finally, the waitress turned around with the phone still pressed to her ear with an annoyed look on her face, “What?” she exclaimed with an equal amount of annoyance in her tone of voice. Constance was taken aback by how rude and unprofessional this waitress was, but quickly regained her composure, ” Excuse me, What is your name?” “Gina,” she said while rudely popping her gum. “Are you the waitress that’s suppose to be taking orders at the bar? Because I’ve been sitting there for the past half hour. And I’ve seen you walk pass me on that phone at least five times.” She stood there with the phone in her hand silently scowling at Constance as if she was speaking to her in some ancient foreign language impossible of being understood. “You know what? I would like to speak to your manager.” “You are speaking to the manager,” Constance stared at this Gina the waitress/manager blankly for a moment before continuing. “Really? You’re the manager? Well if that’s really true you might wanna consider another career. And another piece of advice, if you don’t check that funky ass attitude you’ll be waiting tables till you’re sixty.” Gina the waitress/manager rolled her eyes dismissively.  Suddenly her phone began to ring.  Abruptly the confrontation was interrupted.  She answered the phone as she turned her back to Constance, a clear indication that their conversation was done. At that moment Constance decided that telling this waitress off was a complete waste of time. So she decided to gather her belongings and leave all the while making a silent promise to never step foot in the Le Chic Bar & Grill establishment ever again.  As she was about to pass Gina the waitress/manager, on her way towards the exit, Constance could not resist one last parting shot. Gina the waitress/manager was entirely engrossed in her phone conversation so she did not see Constance barreling towards her.  Constance swiftly snatched the phone from Gina the waitress/manager’s hand, dismantled it and dropped the contents into a glass of water in the nearby table without missing a step.  Gina the waitress/manager stared at Constance in shock while desperately trying to save her phone from sudden death, but it was useless. “What the hell was that you crazy bitch?” Constance turned in the doorway and said, “That was a quick lesson in customer service.”  The signed dangled on the door as Constance exited:

Satisfaction Not 


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