Ariadne: A Fantasy Story

Readers of cocktailmolly, Iris Perkins is a fascinating author and poet with an ability to write across many literary genres.  This short story published by cocktailmolly is part of a fantasy novel in the works.  

The feature on Iris Perkins will be a three part series.  The short story Ariadne will be the first part.  The interview with Iris Perkins will be the second part. Finally, the third part will be her erotic story Sweet & Tasty Love.  I hope you all enjoy this series.  Thank you & PeAcebun2all.

-gregory waits, jr.






I am Ariadne Araceli.  My name means utterly pure altar of the sky.  I have a mom, dad, two sisters and three brothers.  We lived in the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, in Kobe to be more specific.  It was a beautiful place.  My dad was a businessman and he managed money and watched over operations in a huge corporation.

My father got caught making some questionable business deals.  His bosses became very upset and decided that they would teach him a lesson.  That lesson included beating him very badly and a few other things.  When they finished, he was in the hospital for a few days. When he came home it was rough for them. I hadn’t been born yet.

After I was born and I grew up, I would often catch my mother crying. She was very upset because my sister was kidnapped by the Yakuza to keep my father in line.  I never knew my sister because she was kidnapped before I was born.  My siblings would talk about it around the time it happened every year.  I was sad because I didn’t know anything about it and I always wanted to help.

Being the youngest was hard, however, I was always into something.  I played with chemistry sets, Ouija boards, and studied mix martial arts.  I had lots of fun with math and logic. I loved chess and card games.  I also got involved with alchemy.  I was going to figure out the recipe for an elixir for life.

I was having fun in my barn with my things and then my life changed. My father found my sister.  She was a part of a sex slave operation that the Yakuza had in another prefect. It took years to find her.  He made a deal with a rival gang to have my sister retrieved. It took months to put together a plan to get her, but once she was safe in our protection we began running from the Yakuza.  A separate business deal went wrong and we were marked for death.

My dad made us leave Japan first, promising us he would come later. We made it to America safely, but he arrived a week later and had been beaten up again.  Only this time he was missing his pinky.  My parents looked for a place to call home – where we could really settle down.  We decided to call a small town in South Dakota home.

We had a lot of land and I had another barn behind the house to play in. I had a secret tunnel and everything to get to my barn. My dad helped me build it for when I wanted to get out of the house and play by myself.

We lived fine until I was 25. For eleven years, my mother and sister had therapy and we were becoming a loving family again. My mother was happy and we were living the life. Things were quiet.

One day my dad came home really nervous and asked us to pack. My mom was out of sorts because she didn’t know what to take with us. We had already packed up and left everything once, but it had been awhile.  My dad was yelling and screaming trying to motivate us to move faster.  We had been found.  Hunted down by the Yakuza, the same group of people who took my sister and who beat up my dad twice.

I’d snuck out of the house to the barn where all of my play stuff was stored.  I just happened to be practicing in the barn out in the field earlier in the day.  I had my chemistry set up, my training accessories were on the wall and my Ouija board on the floor in front of me.  I heard a blood curdling scream from my mother and then she was silenced. I didn’t hear anything after that. I asked the Ouija board, “Am I in danger?”

The Ouija board read “YES.”

I asked the Ouija board, “Is my family now dead?”

The Ouija board again read “YES.”

I then ask the Ouija board “Can you save me?”

It answered “YES” and the planchette kept moving over the letters were “F-O-R-Y-O-U-R-S-O-U-L.”

I heard footsteps outside of the barn and I saw shadows.  I began to smell smoke.  The outside of the barn was on fire.  Then I heard the footsteps retreat.  It went very dark outside and I heard a thunderous boom and a few bolts of lightning crackle.  It sounded like a tornado was somewhere near.  The weather changed abruptly.  I felt cold. Then I felt a force or something around me.  I felt my arms stretch out wide, my back arched, and my feet came off the ground.  I was struck by lightning and I felt something enter me. I felt different.  Void of any heat, I felt an entity trying to drown me out of my body.  I had been taken over.  I was now possessed.

Artwork by Angelina Wrona as presented by wicked halo

Artwork by Angelina Wrona as presented by wicked halo


I am still me, however, I am not me.  I feel my feet touch the ground.  I fall because I am weak. I hear rain and I smell smoke.  The fire around the barn has been extinguished. I sleep in the barn for a few hours.  I awake and touch my Ouija board. I ask “What should I do now?”

It answers, “S-E-E-K-R-E-V-E-N-G-E.”

I ask it, “Am I ready?”

It answers, “Y-E-S.”

I go back into my house and see the ravished, bloodied and slain bodies of my family.  I kissed my mother on the forehead and closed her eyes.  I covered everyone with a sheet.  I let them know that I will get revenge.  


I hear one of my siblings wheezing.  It seems I have a chance to save one.  I see it is my oldest sister.  I do my best to get her comfortable and see what I can do to save her.  She is bleeding profusely and I have to stop it.  I go get my alchemy kit and get something that I have been working on.  I put it all over her.  She yells, but it is stopping the bleeding.

I am trying to get her comfortable. She has been through a lot already. She finally dozes off into a sleep. I consult my Ouija board and ask, “Will she be ok?”

It answers, “A-S-L-O-N-G-A-S-Y-O-U-T-A-K-E-C-A-R-E-O-F-H-E-R.”

I breathe a sigh of relief.  I realize that she is my only way to getting back to the Yakuza.  She knows the workings of this group and where the majority of them are located.

I know I need to call the cops so they can come clean up here, but I don’t want them to know that we survived the attack.  I have to figure out something.  The next farm is a few miles away and I don’t want to leave my sister alone.

I don’t know how much time has passed, but I do know it is another day.  I get my sister into my tunnel and get her out of sight and call the cops.  They make it to the house and they do not see us.

I make sure my sister is comfortable and continue to listen out for the police. I am ready for them to leave so that I can get some stuff out of the house. I need to make some more of the elixir for my sister as well.

The cops finally leave and night falls upon us. I get what I need. My sister is groaning right now. I need to get her comfortable. I do what I need to do. I figure that I can make plans to get back to Japan over the next couple of months.

I practice my craft and I make sure I get my sister back to her health.  Since I am on the path for revenge, I will kill at will, but I have to avenge my family first.   However, if you need me, I will help you as long as your cause is just.

You don’t’ have to look for me.

I will find you.

Short Story by Iris Perkins ©2015 All Rights Reserved

Feature Image by Minaj Lee ©2011 All Rights Reserved

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