Sweet & Tasty Love:An Erotic Tale

This is the third and final piece in the Iris Perkins series.  cocktailmolly is pleased to present her erotic tale, Sweet & Tasty Love.  As always I wish the readers a pleasurable journey reading this creative offspring of the talented Iris Perkins. Thank you and BeKool. -gregory waits, jr. -cocktailmolly


Sweet and Tasty Love




It is about one in the afternoon and I figured that since I was hungry I might as well go to lunch. I am not doing anything special at work today. I take my jacket off the coat hanger. My scarf and hat are in the right sleeve, before I can put it on, I need to take them out. I was wondering what was going to be on the menu today since I really don’t have a taste for much of anything. It has not been a good morning. I ran out of coffee, I have on thigh highs because I put a ruin in my stockings, I’m horny, and I woke up too damn early.

I walk down the maze on the floor of cubicles. I see people playing busy and running the rat race of life at work. I turn left and tell my cube mates that I am heading out to lunch. I get a head nod from some and a wave of the hand from others. I also hear someone yell, “Bring me something back!” So I acknowledge the voice with a wave of my hand over my head and swiftly walk to the stairs so I do not have to wait on the elevator.

I make a mad dash down the hall to the exit sign and hurry toward the door like I am in an episode of cops trying to break a door down. I press the handle and push my shoulder against the door and I am FREE!!!! Well, once that door slams behind me and I make it down four flights of stairs anyway. Once out of the door, I take in a deep breath of the crisp air. I take to the sidewalk and enjoy the crisp air outside. I see people walking around and they are doing their regular thing. I am walking, walking away from my stress during the day. I am walking away from the daily gossip and the people I converse with on the phone. Walking away from the daily grind; you know that interruption that keeps me from doing fun things all of the time.

I pass a few bistros and little shops and I have walked about five blocks and I see this little place on the corner across the street. I wait for the light and cross the street. Looking up at the strangest door opening ever; it was a very tall, brown door with an arch at the top. There were interesting Celtic designs in the door. It said “O’Meary’s Pub” above the door. Some good potato soup was in order for today. I went in. It is dank and dark and it really smells like a pub. The beer, the cigar smoke and the staleness is really set in. I walk past two gentlemen at the beginning of the bar. There are a few others seated around the place as well. I walk past them and walk down to the other end of the bar and have a seat.

The barkeep acknowledges me. She is about 31 and she has smooth skin, about a B cup bra, a thick frame. I can’t make out her color because it is dark, but I can tell you she has no wrinkles and dark eyes. She has hair, but it is pulled up in a bun on top of her head with a pencil stuck in it. She put a bowl of pretzels in front of me and a napkin and asked, “What’ll you be havin?” I stopped reading because her tone and inflection of words caught me off guard. I look at her quizzically. She was a caramel colored dreamsicle. Beautiful in every sense of the word. So, as my mind comes back to the moment, I tell her green tea and water. She laughs heartily and says, “Sweetheart, this is a pub not a vegetable bar. What’ll you be havin?” I took that offense to that… So, I said, “A double Jameson with a water back.” She raised an eyebrow and was quite intrigued with my choice. She fixed my drink and I asked how was the soup. She said, “”You will need more in yer belly if ye be holding that down.” I told her I would be fine. Besides it was only lunch and I would have enough time to walk it off.  So, I had potato soup in a bread bowl and it was grand. The flavor was impeccable. There was potato, cheese, broccoli, bacon, spices…mmmmm, good. I grabbed the shot glass. I took the shot. I was taken aback by the warm feeling that it had sliding down my throat. I am wondering, now, about the effects of this drink and how it would affect my afternoon. I had my water. I asked for my tab. She said, “Yer already paid for.” I was dumbfounded. I was surely figuring that it was the liquor talking. So I said, “Excuse me, what did you say?” She repeated, “You owe nothing. Ye be paid for.” I didn’t argue.

Image by Art Life

Image by Art Life

I pick myself up off of the stool and I was a little tipsy. I composed myself and I made my way out of the pub. I waved goodbye and said, thank you. I make it to the door. The sunlight and the cold air look and feel different from when I went in before. I squint and struggle a little to get the scarf perfectly around my neck and the hat on my head and my gloves on my hands. I am beginning to feel the liquor hit my stomach. I am getting warm for real…almost close to a personal summer. I am not stumbling though. I am well. I am good with this. I make my way back across the street. Back on my side of the side-walk; it was a great lunch and the day is getting better. I am thinking that I may need to find a way to curb my tongue because this may be the day I get fired for drinking at work. I am thinking that I should have heeded the barkeep’s advice with eating something extra. I did not…so, here I am. I make it back to the building with glass windowsyeah, my job.

Oh well, now just to finish out my day. I am wondering how I am going to make it through the rest of the day. I have liquor in my system and I was already ready to go when I arrived.

When I got back to the building with glass windows it was about 2:17 p.m. It was mail time. The mailman was not the regular guy today. My eyes were wide open and my jaw dropped. Let me tell you about this man right here. This mail guy is gorgeous. He has thick black hair, almond-shaped brown eyes, a prominent, but ordinary nose, bold cheek bones, a somewhat broad forehead, but it fits his head…you know…not like he is a hammerhead shark or deformed. His face is somewhat chiseled and he has semi-full lips and they are very nice. He does not speak much but when he does, it reminds me of a cross between Djimon Honsou and Vin Diesel… I mean, I am like spent every time he says, “Hello, how are you?” I melt…seriously. He is about 6’2” and he is pretty fit. No bulging hulk muscles or anything, just about right though… He could tap it any day. I look down and see a wedding band. I am a little sad. Oh well.

We are in the lobby waiting at the elevators. I am thinking, this can’t be true. We are about to get into the elevator…TOGETHER! Wow, prime opportunity to converse and I have liquor in my system. Dammit man!!!! Ugggghhhh…. I look at the floor so I do not bring any attention to myself and my over anxiousness to be alone for a brief moment with this man in the elevator. Some other people came to elevator landing and I was like, damn… I won’t be alone with him. Well, on this day the elevator took a little longer than usual and the other people took the stairs. I wasn’t attempting stairs because I just may NOT make it. So, the elevator arrives and a lot people get off. I sigh and he is a real gentleman and allows me to get on first.  I think I feel him watching me, but I think again; This is just the alcohol. I swear it is. We are in the elevator and I push 4 and he pushes 7.

Well, the doors close and I am in heaven. There is a smell of Givenchy’s Play Intense and I am inhaling every bit of this cologne because it is one of my favorites. He finally says, “Hello.” Mannnn, if I tell you it felt like I had an orgasm right then and there, I had better let you know I did! I stammered a “Hello.” Back. He said, “My name is Daniel. What is yours?” I could not answer. I didn’t know what to say. I had forgotten my own name. I was speechless. I looked up at him and I am sure I looked like a deer in headlights. He said, “Hellooooooo…do you have a name?” He waved his hand in front of my face and snapped his fingers. I snapped out of it. I said, “Ummmmm, hi, I am Deidre.” He laughed and said, “Hi, Deidre, how are you?” I got a frog in my throat and then got a knot in my stomach because the elevator jolted. I was so ready for this elevator ride to end because I was taken aback by this man and I was as nervous as ever. He said, “Oh shit, what the fuck?!” I am shaking now because there are no lights in this elevator and I am in here with this super sexy ass motherfucker of a man and I could climb his tree any day. I fight to tell myself he is married. I repeat he is married. He is married!   He pushes buttons and tries to use the elevator phone. I am praying that this is not my last day on earth because it has been 9 months since I have been with a man due to some messed up plans and I need some before I go into the great beyond. I am horrified at the thought of being caught somewhere with a man I can’t have and this is the end of the world.

I suddenly come to and realize I can use my cell phone to call 911. I call and let them know 2 people are stuck in an elevator. They say they will send someone as soon as possible. Well, we are on opposite walls of the elevator and the mail cart is between us.

“Deidre, are you ok?”

“Daniel, I think so.”

“Deidre, thank you for calling 911, I wasn’t thinking about using my own phone. I panicked. Let’s keep that between us, Ok.” We laugh.

Here this man is talking about panicking and keeping it between us and I am thinking about between us something else. What?!?!?!? Whew…oh my, note to self, no liquor at lunch ever again.

So we break into casual conversation. I am taking off my jacket, hat, gloves and scarf. It is getting really hot in here. I am glad that I have the utility belt purse today. I have everything I would need including water, wipes and a change of panties if needed. Hell, I damn near have the kitchen sink in this piece.

So, the conversation ensues.

“Deidre, what do you do here?” “I am a computer programmer, Daniel.” “Daniel, what do you do here?” “I am the executive vice president of the company, Deidre.”

Damn good thing it is dark in this here piece because not only did my jaw drop but my panties got wetter than a water-logged t-shirt in a wet t-shirt contest. I could smell myself. Don’t you hate it when that happens because you do not know if others can smell you, too? Oh wow. I am out done. I had no idea. Too bad I just thought he was the mail guy. There are so many thoughts running through my brain matter right now it is unreal. I am overwhelmed and this guy hasn’t even breathed on me yet.

I hear a thud and a “dammit!” Then I hear the cart move and I am thinking shit is about to get real up in here. I feel a hand pat the top of my head like a dog. “Ok, there I’ve found you.” I was almost like, what the fuck are you doing?” Good thing I waited a split second longer to open my mouth. So, I was like, “ummmm, Daniel, what’s up?” He said, “Not the elevator.” I was done. I couldn’t help but laugh. Here we are caught in the elevator and he still has time to make jokes. I was very appreciative. So, we were conversing about the job and what things could be improved and you know I said something about my desk in particular. I needed a better view or something other than sitting in a cubby hole like I didn’t have a life. He told me that was an economical and efficient way of using floor space and how to get everyone in an area and be able to work on the same floors without causing a construction nightmare. Ummmm, yeah, I guess. We are conversing. Funny…because I am surely not thinking about floor plans and construction foolishness. I want to fuck this man…pure, unadulterated, he will remember my name and think I invented sex… FUCK!

So, while he is talking and I am finding his body and figuring out stuff and this liquor is pouring through my veins right now and I just want a dick in me. Ahhh, then I remember that is why I don’t drink…

“Deidre, ummm, what are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for your dick!”

Wait! What the fuck? Did I just say that out loud? I now know I am NOT in my right my mind.

“Wait, let me pull it out for you.”

Image by Art Life

Image by Art Life

Thinking to myself, did this man said he would help me by just pulling it out. I am all in now. I hear the belt buckle, then the zipper and then the shuffling of clothes and moving of stuff out-of-the-way. Isn’t it amazing that you can hear a whole lot of stuff when it is quiet and you’re in the moment…well, maybe it doesn’t help that I am tipsy either, because I sure am saying that shirt must be starched and have polyester in it and those boxers are like 100% cotton…I am sure the pants were probably a wool/tweed blend…why am I thinking about materials…

Then it hits me. I smell Play Intense and what smells like cotton candy mixed in this elevator and the scent is really making me moist. Not that I think a man should smell like cotton candy but the fact that I am about to devour that dick like a little kid at the county fair with a funnel cake and a bag of cotton candy. I am overcome with a sensation and I just let out, “Give it here, you’re taking too long!”

He grabs the back of my head and presses down and my mouth collides with his dick and I almost choke because I did not get to see what I was working with beforehand; nothing to gauge by at all. I kneel in front of him and collect myself on the second down stroke and make sure my lips are contracted so I can grip his shaft tightly. I pull up to where my lips brush lightly over the cuff of his dick and then I come off the head. I make sure I have enough spit in my mouth to handle what I am about to devour and I begin a rampant attack of sucks, licks and swirls around his dick and he has a handful of my hair and I am in a rhythm. My hand finds his testicles and my other hand has now made it to his shaft. I am stroking and sucking and playing with a handful of balls while getting my hair pulled and I hear him moan and I feel it pulsating. HIS DICK IS PULSATING. It is almost half the pace of my heartbeat right now. I am sucking like a Dyson in a room full of dust bunnies and sand. Enjoying every inch of this dick I cannot see, however it seems to be a little more than two hand lengths, but enough for me to handle. I can feel that pulsation getting stronger. I am overjoyed and excited and I am getting my mouth ready for the explosion to come.

I hear, “Oh Deidre. OH Deidre! OH DEIDRE!”

Daniel was coming…I mean leg shaking, earth shattering, open the heavens and rainbows with gold coins and glitter fall out type of coming. That milky fluid tasted like pineapples and ice cream. I drank him in like a homemade milkshake on a 102 degree summer day. I swallowed every last drop. There was no evidence and I was very happy. I was still horny though. That damn liquor is really doing some things to me right now.

“Damn, Deidre, you can suck a dick. Hell you can suck my dick any time!”

I am so sure that his wife would not have that same sentiment.

“How can I return the favor?”

“A raise.” I mumbled.

“Excuse me? What did you say. Speak up please.”

“Oh, my apologies. I have no idea what you are talking about. Sometimes things just happen out of a random act of kindness.”

“Hmmm, well, how about this.”

Out of the blue, I feel his face and some breath and his lips connect with mine and I’ll be damned if those heavens didn’t just open again and shine the best light ever through my entire body. During that kiss, somehow he managed to pick me up off of the floor and raise me onto the mail cart. The cart was super full and I am wondering why I now feel paper on my ass. I feel his hands around me and running the length of my body and down my legs. His tongue is probing around my mouth and I have absolutely no way of knowing what is about to happen, but I do know that I damn sure forgot my birth control pills for the last two days and I don’t have a condom in my purse. Oh my word, I have to tell him no. Before I could get a word out, Daniel’s thumb found my clitoris. He was massaging that button ever so gently and I was amazed at his dexterity and skill with one hand. His other hand remained behind my neck holding my head in the most perfect way so his tongue can probe every unobstructed space in my mouth and brush past my teeth.

I am wondering what else can he do with this tongue. I am in ecstasy overload on this mail pile with his thumb driving me wild during this kiss. He lays me back so my neck rests on the handle of the mail cart and the top of my head hits the wall of the elevator. I feel this man trace his way to my thighs and I can feel his breath on my inner thigh. I feel Daniel’s tongue on my inner thigh and he is headed toward my already wet and gushy pussy. Oh man, I had wished the mists would roll in, but this…THIS right here is a full-blown tsunami. I feel him push my panties to the side and he engulfs EVERYTHING that is down there. I think my whole pussy could fit in his mouth! That man drank my watered nethers like a parched racer downing that cup of water after the finish line. He licked me like that little kid tries to make sure that no drip of the popsicle goes untasted. Oh wow…this wave of pure delight and excitement and orgasm ran over me like a herd of elephants.

Somehow, my legs ended up spread eagle with my knees near my shoulders and my feet were touching the elevator wall. I no longer felt that cloth that was considered to be my panties between my legs. His hands were wrapped around my ankles and my legs were shaking. This man dove face first into my pussy and I let out an epic moan. I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t yell out too loud.

“Dahn, Dahn…ooooo oooooo Dahn…”

Then I came again. He did not miss a drop of any vaginal secretion that may have had a chance to escape. His tongue probed my labia, my clitoris with hella flicks and he tongue fucked me like no dildo from my past ever could. He sucked my sweet pearl like he was making sure that the sound of empty appeared at the end of that cup. My final orgasm was like this. He was licking my labia again and he went for my clitoris and there was a barrage of licks and flicks and sucks. He licked my clitoris with such random abandon until he felt that tremor on my inner thigh when he hit a certain spot. He pick out the spot right below my clitoris and right above my vaginal opening and that strong tongue of his darted and flicked and then his tongue went straight into my vagina. He went back to that spot and my legs were shaking and he concentrated and concentrated and then he flicked a little harder and my lower abdomen began to tremble.

By now I am taking shallow breaths because the heavens are about to open up and the flood gates are about to meet this man. He is on dead target and with that one last dart and flick of his tongue, my back arches, a breath is released, I sigh and I squirt everything I have into his open mouth and he drinks me in like the last man at the bar puts down his last beer of the night. Every last drop…like that caffeine junky with that last cup before getting the day started. My legs are trembling and I have no earthly idea of where I am. I feel a jolt… I come to my senses quickly.

I hurry up off of the mail cart and find my panties. I reach into the utility purse and pull out some wipes and a baggie… Get him straightened up and taken care of. I wipe off my pussy and put the evidence in a bag. I carry a small air freshener as well… I spray some Ozium in this piece to rid ourselves of the sex smell.

The lights come on in the elevator. It is moving. My floor is first. I look at him and he looks at me… The only thing we are missing is toothpaste or mouthwash and a breath mint. I get ready to get off the elevator and he pulls me back to him and kisses me.

I tell him, “Welcome back honey, I can’t wait to see you at home.”

Daniel says, “I am glad I could meet you at work today. I love you.”

Then I remember, damn, this is why I like working here. Random meetings with my husband…especially when he comes back from a very long business trip.


Story by Iris Perkins ©2013/2015 All Rights Reserved

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