2 Poems by Theresa Marie Procunier-Rathburn

Note to reader: cocktailmolly will be doing a series of poems for seven days. Each day a new poem by a contributor will be posted. The first is from Theresa Marie Procunier-Rathburn, a talented French-American writer residing in Michigan. She has contributed two poems to our 7 Days of Poetry series. Read & N-Joy.

{“Amoureux, ne pas dire bonsoir”}


Andre Lallement ©2015

Laying in bed-
I am the quiver upon silken sheets.
Watching the clock around us- dance in rhythm to the timeless rise and fall of our ruptured heartbeats.
I am home.
Within a kiss,
to know no other paragon of the day entombed-
falling in love with such beautiful colors-
I am free to the eternal blooming between your eyelids-
blissful stars of saccharine.
This paradise, I savor…
With the very feathers of my tongue,
I vow my soul upon your weathered skin.
For how it bleeds.
Longing for ashes and dust-
To wither in the whispering wind…
my blood-
my thirsted bones-
they crave…
insatiably so…
your every quake.

“Pour toujours mon amour”



Andre Lallement ©2015

The Poison Within

The sadness within, the pressure inside.

From cells long locked, the pressure resides.

I feel like crying, no place left to hide.

Like the need to vomit, but your body can’t reply.

The pressure builds, from deep inside.

In my throat, my head, from behind my eyes.

Solve where deep within, where the poison resides.

I want to experience, the feeling of letting go.

It’s what I need, but my mind, my body, my soul says no.

Even now my eyes well up, wanting to comply.

But that’s as far as it goes, I don’t know why.

A drop of my life, my poison spills out.

Like a guard in a prison, my mind seal the route.

It starts to return, deep inside it resides

I’m just too tired, too tired to try.

From darkness deep within, the sadness does win.

But the longing is still there, to release the poison within.


{“Amoureux, ne pas dire bonsoir”}: In love, don’t say goodnight.

“Pour toujours mon amour”: Forever my love

Theresa Marie Procunier-Rathburn ©2015 All Rights Reserved

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