Sacramento Girl: Poem by Thaddeus Hutyra

Welcome to the second day of the seven days of poetry presented by cocktailmolly. The second poem, Sacremento Girl is by poet Thaddeus Hutyra. He lives in NYC and is involved in many poetry projects.  Again I ask you all to Read & N-joy.


She was a teenage girl from Sacramento
with a long, curly, thick and black hair
so splendid as the Amazon rainforest 
though she was a native Californian girl.

We fell in a fierce love
the first moment we met
The nights were tales
of a thousand and one nights
I was her crimson lover
the knight on a magic, white mustang
and she was my princess
I finally found.

How I loved to stay with her
kiss her lovely neck with all passion 
only to experience the same from her.
She always joked
what a lover gives you
you pay back with the same intensity.

How we loved to travel to San Francisco
the city as beautiful as NZ Wellington
with all those splendid bays
and a magic city life.

beautiful woman in torn jeans and leather boots

But, as it is often in life,
the fate wanted –
our ways went different paths.
She disappeared somewhere there
under the Oregon skies
I went to New York City, my other love.

Many years later as the fate wanted
we met again on the crossroads of the world
in the magic Times Square.
Ever since then we have stayed together
swearing we shall never split again.
Although we stayed in New York City,
the passions of our love
were like the intense strength of the eagles
flying from New Jersey skies
all the way to the Californian skies and back.

Both, Sacramento and New York City
were imprinted in our blood
marrying us forevermore
and no fate, not any destiny
could split us anymore.

O, Sacramento girl
you, the goddess of my love
O, the woman I am with
the lover for all times to come
you, the all American one, my love.
 Thaddeus Hutyra ©2015 All Rights Reserved

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