The Mistress of Seduction – Erotic Poem by Elizabeth Somers

Note to Readers: cocktailmolly will be doing a seven days of poetry from a series of contributing writers. The third poem from this series will be an erotic poem written by Elizabeth Somers, an emerging author from Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Read & N-joy. LuvNpeAcE.

The Mistress of seduction Lures you in
Unsure of her intentions
As she nuzzles your chin
095b780cfd9cb72f694fe9e12cbd8c80Her eyes seem so innocent
Hazel in hue
Large and opulent
With a rim of blue
Hair of Gold
Luscious and long
Lips cherry red
Her aroma
So strong
Breasts held up
With black lace corset
High heel boots
She’s a tease and a torment
A sirens call
As she whispers your name
Hard to resist
Her deviant game
Knowing too well
This Mistress has control It’s time for her
To take your soul


Elizabeth Somers ©2015 All Rights Reserved

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3 thoughts on “The Mistress of Seduction – Erotic Poem by Elizabeth Somers

  1. Wonderful, enchanting , feminine exotica, highly recommended for all those of an open mind and charmed Spirit .
    Elizabeth Somers is a Delightful enhancement to anyone’s library and imagination.
    Thank you.
    Stuart Lawson Beattie
    Skipton Poets Guild

    Liked by 1 person

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