I Called to Profess My Love Again: Poem by Bomani Kyasa

naturalblkgirlsrock-tumblr2Readers of cocktailmolly, our fourth installment to the 7 days of poetry series goes to Bomani Kyasa, a great poet residing in Dearborn, Michigan.  His ode to a lover is a sexy & sensual read, impossible not to enjoy.  So with that being said, please  Read & N-joy.

I Called to Profess My Love , Again
To Exorcise the Trapped Love Spirits Within

With You, It All Begins and Ends—Stimulation
You Are My Fuel. My Vessel, My Friend

You Jump Start My Para-Worldly Awareness
Thru Your Insightful Wit, I Transport Beyond Bliss

To Being Life Electric, Traversing the Galactic Circuit
With You, IT is Always High Times Beyond Perfect

What a Movable Feast You Are – A Recombining Star
I Want To Ride Your Comet’s Tail to Pleasure-Scapes Afar

I Want To Lounge on Planets with Purple Suns
Basking in You Aura Til Time Fades Into Oblivion

Your Heart is a Tractor Beam Pulling Me Into the Joys of the Unseen
My Goddess Guide on a Thrill Ride Into Love Pristine
We Are Constantly Actualizing A Love Supreme

You Know We Feel Each Other In Moonlight’s Connectivity
No Matter Where We Be, There is No Separation Spiritually

I Am There with You Astrally Celebrating and Cherishing You
Surrounding You with My Essence Experiencing Millions of Déjà vu

I Begin To Remember All Our Past Lives in Africance
As We Ritualize Our Recurring Return To Being In a Trance

A Raw & Pure Voudun, Santeria, Candomble Possession Dance
In Which Our Spiritual, Extra Sense Perception is Potently Enhanced

As We Joyously Leap Out Our Bodies To Explore Sacred Dimensions
We Seamlessly Glide Into Divine Augmentations and Transformations

In Which Creator, Loas, & Ancestors Sculpt Synergistic Manifestations
As Our Love Morphs Into Actualizing Unfolding Revelations


Bomani Kyasa ©2015

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