Chi-Soul: An Ode – By Jacqui Dee

Jacqui Dee has provided cocktailmolly with the fifth installment for the seven days of poetry series.  Born & raised in Chicago, Dee has since relocated to respective residences in Quebec, Winnipeg, and the Caribbean Islands.  This poem represents a meditation on the cultural presence that existed during her years in her hometown through the sounds of soul music and its relation to the city.  Following the ode are (hyperlinked) samples of music Dee feels is representative of the essence she is attempting to display through her ode.  So again thank you for your time … Read, Listen & N-joy. LuvNpEaCe.

Chi-Soul: An Ode

The sound became synonymous with the city-riding the lakefront-unobstructed glimpses of the city skyline-Lights from the skyscrapers lit up the night sky-The wind from the open windows and the smooth sounds from the radio caressing my eardrums-The soul of the rhythm took my blues away-Soothing my senses transcending me to another zone-releasing the tensions of the day-The smooth sounds that transports me to a place and time that will always be familiar to me-Like a morning breeze on the first day of summer-My soul awakens me to the smooth groove.

Dave Hollister


Julia Huff

Kanye West ft Dwele

Common ft Mary J. Blige

Elisabeth Withers


Lisa McClowry

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