Toleration: A Poem by Tetiana “Tati” Aleksina

"Situation" Volkmar Kuhn

Volkmar Kuhn

The final poem in the 7 Days of Poetry series is Toleration by the self-proclaimed “amateur writer” Tetiana Aleksina aka Unbolt … but maybe she is tricking us readers with such a description as she has managed to collaborate with various poets and writers to the delight of many readers on her blog ( Positive descriptions about this woman, hailing from Russia (?) and residing in the UK, are endless, but I will refrain and let you all embrace the tantalizing skills of this emerging great poet. ReAd&N-joY and thank u all for following & supporting this poetic series & the cocktailmolly experiment. LuvNpEAce.


A butterfly dies
with wings putting together
Palms of a prayer
Confession and repentance
of a happy careless life

An ant who devours
death and flesh, feelers and legs
never touches wings
never cuts off a prayer
It’s the greatest blasphemy


© All rights reserved 2015

Originally posted on Unbolt

All Images & sculptures in them by Volkmar Kuhn

11 thoughts on “Toleration: A Poem by Tetiana “Tati” Aleksina

  1. Thank you very much, Greg…
    I’m out of words! I feel honored, I feel confused and happy ❤
    I'm an amateur writer, it's true. I'm just a bold upstart who was lucky enough to meet talented and friendly people who agreed to work together. And you, Greg, are one of them ❤
    Thank you again. You made me happy! And… ahem… ahem…
    I'm sorry for this little confusion. I'm from Ukraine, not from Russia 😛

    P.S. OMG… I just fell in love with this sculptures and Volkmar Kuhn! It looks stunning (and a bit spooky). Thank you for sharing, Greg! I definitely want to find more of his works!
    P.P.S. Thank you… LOL! I blushed. I just can't believe that all these good words are for me 😛 (happy sigh)

    Liked by 1 person

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