A Quick Photo Session

Readers of cocktailmolly … N’Digo London has provided our little site with samples of her upcoming show.  Hope u all n-joy.

(from the Landscapes & Observations sessions)

“Sumthin Like Sunrise” ©2015 N’Digo London

“The El” ©2015 N’Digo London

“In Between” ©2015 N’Digo London

(from “The Beauty of Nature” series)

"Purple Peace" ©2015 N'Digo London

“Purple Peace” ©2015 N’Digo London

(from the “Krazy Flowz” series)

N'Digo London ©2015 "Am I Beautiful?

N’Digo London ©2015 “Am I Beautiful?

(from “We Wear the Masks” series)

"We Wear the Masks" ©2015 N'Digo London

“We Wear the Masks – No. 1” ©2015 N’Digo London

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