Justin Giergrich: Man of Action


It is always great to encounter and write about very talented people making moves to graciously bestow their gifts upon the world – either through a coterie of followers or for the masses. Even more special is when a young person with immense talent goes in pursuit of their dream with such passion that it is beyond admirable.  Justin Giergrich is that talented being with utterly unimaginable energy.  “I would define myself as devoted, passionate and action oriented. I don’t like talking. I like doing.I put my entire soul into art.”


Obviously a man of his word because at the tender age of 18, Justin is pursuing his acting degree while writing and producing plays and has founded a company (in 2014), JAG Creative Media, which has produced four short films (On A Daily Basis, The Tudor, Ambient, and Boys Will Be Boys).  Justin believes in versatility in life and in creating films. This is obvious in the productions already created through JAG Creative Media.  The film On A Daily Basis is a film about a young man suffering with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  The Tudor is a coming of age silent film with a soundtrack produced by Brandon Flynn.  The film Ambient will be released in August 2015 and will show Giergrich and his JAG Creative Media team expanding their creative energies with a new theme and film time.  The fourth film Boys Will Be Boys is in pre-productioon and is a PSA film about sexual harassment and its effect on the victims and cultural standards past to present.


Giergrich is not simply content using JAG Creative Media as an entertainment outlet without a purpose.  He blames technology for the lack of needs of arts as a thought process.  He is driven to “provide an experience to audience to reveal and reevaluate their lives …For example, there are plenty of wrongs within the public education system. It doesn’t prepare but demands memorization … [and] it is unfortunate but human nature seems to be driven towards oppression and ruthless capitalism.”


Merely saying ruthless capitalism may spark some ire, but it definitely raises a point that needs to be discussed because it has appeared to derail the very industry that Giergrich loves and remains optimistic that it will get back to its roots of passionate acting and craftsmanship. “Reality television is all about money. I’m keeping the faith about [the film industry]. There’s a shifting market moving in a direction as to how it wants and will be marketed. Change is a force that demands to be accepted in such matters.”


Imagine that only eight short years ago this young man became inspired to select filming as a career choice after seeing Heath Ledger’s performance in “The Dark Knight”. Motivated by Ledger, great directors such as John Hughes, Martin Scorsese, and student films has placed before us a rising star that actually cares about his craft and the audience like the old school actors, producers and executives once cared.  Now the question arises: Will Giergrich’s future bring the film industry a fresh take on production while creatively turning a mirror to the audience? Only time will tell, but at the moment his high energy and passion is foretelling eventual success as a film producer and trailblazer for up and coming talent in the film industry.


Although a man of action he is an intelligent, rational being that in spite of the predictions by cocktailmolly is admitting that he plans to take baby steps with his career.  He plans to complete his undergrad studies and pursue a masters in film while working on his feature film.  After all ladies and gentlemen great things cannot be rushed.

Check out JAG Creative Media 2014 Demo Reel below:

JAG Creative Media (on facebook)

JAG Creative Media (on twitter)

4 thoughts on “Justin Giergrich: Man of Action

  1. Hi cocktailmolly May I wish Justin good luck with his future. But I am a sixty six year old guy who left school at fifteen. And have written a paranormal stage play! As well as enjoying writing my poetry for fifty years.Thank you so much for liking my poem Watching! Peace and Best wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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