Cutzy McCall: Dynamic Artistic Visionary

CutzyM-Whorl Series4CutzyM-Whorl Series3CutzyM-Whorl Series2CutzyM-Whorl Series1 

(from the Whorl Series)

It’s hard to define great art when one sees it.  There is a quiet pause of appreciation for its stunning beauty.  Such is the case when it is discovered who the artist is that has the naturally, creative mind power to produce such wondrous gems for individual, or mass, effusive moments.


“I, Camera” Cutzy McCall ©2015

cutzy McCall is such an artist.  Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, but now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cutzy is a self-proclaimed collage artist/manipulator of media scrap/painter of sorts.  She has lived her life being an innovative, cutting edge journalist, artist, and entrepreneur.

During the seventies, she owned her own newspaper, Equinox, which strongly emphasized her devotion to the ideals of feminism of that time.  The newspaper is now on view at Harvard University.


“Mrs. Hyde” Cutzy McCall ©2015


“Dream Lover” Cutzy McCall ©2015

“Art has always been a part of my life,” Cutzy admits to cocktailmolly when asked how long she has been an artist.  “My mom was an art historian and she taught me so much about art. My father taught me some things, but artistically she had the greatest influence.”

CutzyM-Smooch Series3 CutzyM-Smooch Series2 CutzyM-Smooch Series1 (from the Smooch Series)

Cutzy quotes from one of her favorite artist from Google+ (who shall remain anonymous at this time) as the summation of her passion for art, “‘I’ve been a workaholic artist since I was six years old.’ I love that quote and the modern artists on Google+ and beyond because they are dedicated, a constant inspiration … they never stop [working on their art].”


“Kissed & Told (the Smooch Series)” Cutzy McCall ©2015

Cutzy is one artist that never stops working & transforming.  Since her feminist paper, Equinox, had closed she has been deeply involved in the world of art.  From being the owner of her own gallery, Atlantean Visions, in Rockport, Massachusetts, to her current mixed media projects, where she follows her mantra: ALL DIGITAL-ALL DAY.

Working constantly to create gorgeous, eye-pleasing, browser stopping, virtually indescribable images while at the same time maintaining an invitation-only art group for modern tech artists (Tech Modern Artists) where she has selected thirty-five elite, digitally-influenced artists from her Google+ community.  Cutzy believes that in the new age traditional art will be respected & utilized, but will be surpassed by the digital art form.  Now she embarks on her dream of opening a gallery on the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip.

CutzyM-Welcome to Las Vegas4 CutzyM-Welcome to Las Vegas3 CutzyM-Welcome to Las Vegas2 CutzyM-Welcome to Las Vegas Series1

(from Las Vegas Series)

Why the Las Vegas Strip for a gallery?

According to Cutzy, the strip provides an opportunity to “meet hip, new people, international people … I just love the idea.”


Her name comes from her love for cutting and pasting media scrap together.  She began cutting out the Betsy McCall’s paper dolls from McCall’s magazine when she was a little girl.  A fascination that never escaped her.

Her husband , sculptor James Klever, began calling her “Cutzy” after her passion for collage.  When James died in a mountain climbing accident, Cutzy created five thousand pieces of art during the early bereavement.


“Big Girls Don’t Cry” Cutzy McCall ©2015

CutzyM-Particular Arrangement

“Particular Arrangements” ©2015 Cutzy McCall

Cutzy5M- Cutzy4M- Cutzy3M- Cutzy2M-



“There’s something to love about all the great [artists ]. From Giotto to Picasso to Warhol. I also love the German Expressionist. As well as African and Asian art. Each are so special & bring something different that influences aspiring artists over time.

Now a complete artist, a true artist is somebody that is always creating something new. Although all art is derivative. An artist must never copy. An artist must develop their own trademark style & technique.”

cutzy 5

“Hot Mess” Cutzy McCall ©2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 6.55.13 PM

“Plastic Party” Cutzy McCalll ©2015

cutzy 45

“Crime Scene” Cutzy McCall ©2015


“Reflecting Pool Las Vegas” Cutzy McCall ©2015

Cutzy can be found & Supported on:







“Starlet” Cutzy McCall ©2015


“Dream State 3” Cutzy McCall ©2015


“Zone Erotique” Cutzy McCall ©2015

cutzy 3_edited-1

“Fear of the Dark” Cutzy McCall ©2015


“Dream State 6” Cutzy McCall ©2015


“Lisa’s Cloud/Flying Home” Cutzy McCall ©2015

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