The Real Love Rose – By Eddie Mahdhi

TO THE READERS: Thank you all for supporting the cocktailmolly project.  A few months ago we launched a seven days of poetry series.  Since then my email inbox has been flooded with requests to incorporate the series again, more regularly even.  So for all those requesting here we go again … introducing you to great pieces of work from up and coming poets.  The first in the 7 Days of Poetry series is Eddie Mahdhi and his poem The Real Love Rose. Read&Njoy.

The Real Love Rose …

By: Eddie Mahdhi

The Real Love rose…

If i am, a real, natural born poet,

Long-lost, in this world, as a

singular dreamer,

So, endlessly, wandering, in

quest, that, upset,

Despite all, i know, that,

somewhere, is, the one flower…


Alas, up to now, just been, at


So, except, wasting,

unfruitlessly, time, with fakes,

I have kept, jailed, in

narcissistic, hidden, faces,

Who, under cover of love

roses, have been, snakes…


From now on, i won’t delude

myself, anymore,

Nor, keep drowning sorrows,

in dirt-cheap, snacking time,

In so far as, naturally, i am not



Thus, i, will, keep looking for,

the one, soulmate rhyme,

And, however painful, i will,

never, let down,

Even if, noone, knows, where,

Real Love, has been sown…

About the Poet: Eddie Mahdhi, also known as Tenebrio, is from Montreal, Quebec and currently resides in Lyons, France.  He has published two books Aphrorismes and The Manifest of the Fragmentation and is currently working on his next creative projects.

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