Love Is A Feeling – By: Raneika Raine

The fourth poem in the seven days of poetry series belongs to Raneika Raine.  A mother & burgeoning writer of fiction and poetry, she is the founder of Raine Writers of Excellence and host of Raine Radio.  Her poem about love is an authentic and str8 talk outlook that many will embrace.  Readers of lend your eyes to the new poem by Raneika and enjoy.

Love Is A Feeliing

Raneika Raine

When the stars are align in the house of romance
and you happen to stumble upon someone special,
Let the affairs of the heart take over and your mood take you higher.

Rule by your emotional state not by what you must do to please.
Let the force of how you feel guide you, not what you think will be an ease.


A lot of people are in relationships because they “decided” to be companions.
It might have been a union of many years, 
They may have many fears or something to to prove to their peers.

A lot of people use love name in vain…
not fully understanding the concept,
Some people associate it with pain.

There is a difference in thinking you in love and the state of being in love.


It take the 3 D’s to succeed!
Dedication, Determination, & Dependability
But through your heart comes the Big C …Commitment.

I have truly cared for those I “decided” to love.
I was even willing to get married.
just base on what they did for me or how much attention I got. 
I appreciate the devotion that some of them had but I didn’t love any of them wholeheartedly.
Learn from my mistakes this is a poem as a result of my healing…
Remember love is not a decision …its a feeling!

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