Cool Wind – By Eden Hundsdoerfer

And the Seven days of poetry continues with poem #5 being contributed by Eden Hundsdoerfer.  Hundsdoerfer is Filipino-German born & raised in Germany.  She started writing poetry nearly 6 years ago and considers herself to be a versatile poetess. She cites traveling for inspiring her poems; many focusing on nature, her favorite subject. With an Anthology of poems published by another poet & friend John Patrick Boutillier, available in Amazon, Kindle and Lulu, she has another Anthology book entitled Symphony of Souls from Poetry Alliance and an upcoming book to be published sometime in October 2015. Hundsdoerfer has written poems with other poets and is currently working on her own poetry book and hope to get published by Christmas of 2015.  Also, she has her own poetry site – The Art of Writing and is very active in Faces of Poetry. Her works appear on both poetry sites.  Without further delay, readers of, ReAd&Njoy …

Cool Wind

Eden Hundsdoerfer

feel the chill on my face

sweet embrace brushes

my skin new season saying hello

ravens picking on fresh plowed

fields sign of nearing autumn

farmers gathered hay balls

animal feeds piled and covered

corn fields ready to harvest

seeds of next season sowed

summer is almost over

i love the flair of autumn

feeling the cool wind.


artwork by Kadircan Basaran


Feature image by Maria Barbara Profita

2 thoughts on “Cool Wind – By Eden Hundsdoerfer

  1. I would like to extend my thank you to all of you who read and follow my poetry! My very special thanks to Gregory Waits Jr.for giving me the opportunity being one of the selected poets in!


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