What I Am Now – By: Romeo Della Valle

Poem #6 In the 7 Days of Poetry is from New York City’s finest Romeo Della Valle.  The poem presented here is just one of many fine poems he has written and shared.  His poems can be viewed on his website, romeodellavalle.com and Poem Hunter as well as Poet Freak … Writing on a myriad of topics from love to emotional and spiritual transformation, he is truly a writer with a gift for imagery.  Readers of cocktailmolly.com open your minds and lend your eyes to Romeo Della Valle … Njoy ..

(As a matter of fact)

By: Romeo Della Valle


Message Overhead by: Madge Scott


I am in the present-perfect
Where what I have been
And which finally reaches now,
Turning into something of my own,
My very own that makes tomorrow
A day worth following!

As I rise with the orange glow
Of an enterprising ideal
That clearly is too ardent
And too possessive to let go,
To some point, I am unknown
And really alone!


The real one is yet
Already apart from here
And part of the real world
I am striving for,
Separating the many
Halves of me
And sorting them into
The infinite good or bad,
I am, most likely to succeed!

Fully aware that
The cause is the ideal,
The ideal is the principle
And the right key which
Unlocks or fastens
The door of immortality!


Now, retiring to my own care
Within the tranquility of the night,
I breathe the falsifications
Of a censored life, inhaling
The fumes of blue clouds of fire
Which modulate the soul
Of my ego’s desire!


Featured Artwork by Madge Scott

3 thoughts on “What I Am Now – By: Romeo Della Valle

    • I am so thrilled with your priceless comment dear friend Eden Hundsdoerfer and can’t find the appropriate words to fully express my gratitude for your great comment! Thanks a lot and Hugs and Kisses from New York City
      my dear friend! Blessings


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