Rendition – By: Nirvana Naidoo

This is the last day of the seven days of poetry ladies & gentlemen.  For our final pick of the week goes to a poet known as Nirvana Naidoo.  When I initially read this poem I was impressed and thought it would go great in this series.  Nirvana Naidoo lives in Durban, South Africa and studied Financial Management, but has somehow found a way to write blissful poems for admirers of poetry. Readers of cocktailmolly I hope you are impressed by this poet and selection as the 7th poem in the 7 Days of Poetry series. As always Read & Njoy. LuvNpEaCe …


Nirvana Naidoo


Sunrise photography by: Insane Photographer


Once upon a time …

I filled my skin in absolute …

The bright flirted momentarily in escapades,

Trailing shadows emit its illusive disposition …

Enticing my breathing speeds,

I claim rapture.

Pictures spat words that memories were unable to digest,

I felt insolvent yet consumed by the champagne sprayed rays …

My lips engulfed in my face, senses poured in my veins …

Mind to flame, exploring the here,

Sizzling my atmosphere.

Awakened was this entity … completely.

Beyond the illusion of gravity.

Forgive me …

Once upon a time …

Disguised in a horizon …

Stood eternal sunshine.


About the Poet:

Feature image by Insane Photographer

2 thoughts on “Rendition – By: Nirvana Naidoo

  1. Splendid and thought provoking! Beauty and talent magically blended! Nirvana Nadoo has enriched the Poetry World with this amazing write! Thanks for sharing and blessings from New York City

    Liked by 1 person

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