Night Market Cleveland 2015 & The Ohio City Festival 2015

People came out to enjoy live entertainment and good food at the Night Market Cleveland 2015 and at The Ohio City Festival 2015 … cocktailmolly’s photographer RJ WAGG was on set for both events and captured a few pics for the readers of cocktailmolly to Njoy …

crowd1 crowd2 crowd3 crowd4 crowd5 crowd6 crowd7 crowd8 dancers1 dancers2 dancers3 dancers4 dancers5 dragon greenfloral musicg1 purplefloral statue vendors1 vendors2 vendors3 vendors4 whitefloral yellowfloral yumeidaiko

Ohio City Festival

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IMG_20150927_175419 IMG_20150927_181155

7 thoughts on “Night Market Cleveland 2015 & The Ohio City Festival 2015

    • It’s growing but Detroit is still has the better scene in Midwest. There are a number of galleries that have sprouted and more effort is being put into exposing up and coming talent. They do have a huge theatre scene in Cleveland as well for independents and our professionals. A lot of indie musicians too. So it is growing and ripe for rivaling Detroit.

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      • 🙂 I am both a theater and a visual arts person. Originally grew up outside Detroit when there was nothing there but the DIA…we’ve been thinking of moving to Cleveland– the outside areas like University Heights..nice and affordable. (Shaker Heights beautiful but taxes high and maybe too WASP for us). I was blown away by the Cleveland art museum and pretty happy they have a Shakespeare theater and a children’s theater. I wish there was a ferry that would take you across the lake to see theater in Stratford Canada but looks like that won’t come back. Detroit has an art scene that makes me think of NY DUMBO or SOHO from way back in the day, but I think Cleveland as an area on the whole is prettier. The robber barons built well.

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      • You write plays? That’s great then u will love it in Cleveland. We should definitely stay in touch here bcuz I’m a fan of theatre and like featuring talents like that on cocktailmolly … Are u thinking of renting or owning there? Yes parts of Shaker Heights can be pricey. Some of the west suburbs are inviting in more ppl. It’s not as active as easy burbs where SH is, but they’re trying to court new ppl as these areas have aging citizens preparing to move out.

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      • I am writing a novel (which is noir psychological thriller), have another project for an erotic series. I also draw and am starting painting projects. I wanted to be a playwright when I was young (say 20) and studied Drama at University of Michigan but I just fell away from that. I was interested in very specific genres and playwrights (Genet, Brecht, the alienation effect, German Expressionism). and I like Shakespeare (tragedies) and Ibsen, Strindbergh. I haven’t really been into much modern theater apart from say Czech, and Caryl Churchill and David Mamet. I am not into contemp theater– just not so into the themes, concerns, language.don’t like the one-man show. I probably think now more visually in cinematic scenes. I still love puppetry though, love all forms, especially bunraku. Another reason I ended up more in fiction is I like creating art that is independent-self standing whereas a play can never be. Yes, we would move to the area I mentioned.. (we are Jewish and that is a good area to be in). Would be glad to be in touch with you. 🙂

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