The New Age of Hope: An Interview with Spoken Word Poet Moody Black

Recently got the opportunity to speak with talented Spoken Word Poet/Entertainer Moody Black.  He spoke on his new album Rebuilding Hope & his vision for a better society.  Readers please show love & support to one of South Carolina’s finest talents and a hidden American gem …Moody Black … ladies & gentlemen rEaD & nJoY …

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Just wanted to speak with you about your skills & the song (Mason Jar -3rd Eye ft. Demallo aka Mr. Countryfied) … Do you consider yourself a producer or musician or both?

Moody Black

Neither. I’m an artist. Not much of a producer. Hip Hop emcee and poet


Sweet. Hip-Hop emcee & poet. Ahh you don’t know how refreshing it is to hear an artist identify himself in that way. Haven’t heard that in awhile. True heads of Hip-Hop and poetry believe in telling stories that will reach people, have an affect on them some kind of way. Is that your intention as an emcee/poet? What kinds of stories are u interested in getting across to people?

Moody Black

Always. It’s about the connection we have in this human experience. Inspiration… That we can make it through these hardships. That it’s OK … go have and fight for your dreams.


I noticed on “Priceless” you speak fondly of poetry being inspired by those that inspire u to write more of it … The idea that it is somehow considered boring escapes you … When did you become so impressed by poetry that you couldn’t stop writing it, speaking it and believing in it?


Moody Black

My mom got me into poetry. Read a book This Time Called Life by Walter Rinder


The album Rebuilding Hope … what’s the concept of album? When will the album be released?

Moody Black

Rebuilding Hope has been released and is available online, but I intentionally wanted to focused on making something inspirational. I put it together to actually rebuild hope.


Nice inspirational pieces are truly needed these days. At least that’s my opinion. But in your opinion, do you believe our society has degenerated into a hopeless one? What is your idea of a hopeful society … the society you hope your album sets the foundation for?

Moody Black

It does seem hopeless. A hopeful society is one where everyone is enlightened and open themselves to love and forgive. The foundation of my album is to acknowledge the dark times, fight through them, and let your dreams rule.


You got any events planned that people can go to and support you and your creative flows?

Moody Black

Yes, people can go to my calendar on my site … and find out about everything Moody Black’s got going on.

(Also listen to other talent from South Carolina associated with the Moody Black vibe. Below is a song from 3rd Eye featuring Demallo)

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