Three Poems by Alexandra Rodrigues

"Dancing in the Dark" -oil on canvas 70-90 - ©2015 Yvonne Brondum

“Dancing in the Dark” -oil on canvas 70-90 – ©2015
Yvonne Brondum

Just a Fling

Yes it was just a fling
Which now I will try to paper to bring
I pictured a “YOU” put no frame on it
Started to love you bit by bit.

Told my body I wanted “YOU”
and back many years on the time train I flew.
When in my dreams we met
I was young and you my prince.
Many interludes we did have since.

Then came the day when I called it quits
The fake of it had robbed my wits.
I will treasure each moment that I did create
I do not regret the escapade.

In real life I hope you never knew
As by now a real good friendship grew.
I admire your oh so brilliant brain
From which I will not have to abstain.

My life was full of tender episodes
The fling with “YOU” put that to a close.
With the written word from now on I will flirt
So neither I nor anybody else will get hurt.

Should my decision be too hard to keep?
From the tree of wisdom the freedom to do
As I please I shall reap.


“Sine of My Old Paintings” ©1990-1992 Yvonne Brondum

Tides of Love

I am lost in a sea of emotions
The thoughts are my trustworthy boats
They bounce around on the waves of the waters
Laden with memories of once taken roads.

Surrounded by surges of an insatiable desire
With oceanic force your picture sets afire
While waves of tender sensation
Stimulate a nature-incited elation.

Fervently I try a shore of satisfaction to reach
The sails I set hope my intuition will find the beach
Only two choices this adventure can crown
On the beach let me find you or let me drown.

In the sands of the dunes with you I want to unite
For a while together in love and awaiting the tide.

"It's Up To You" ©2015 Yvonne Brondum

“It’s Up To You” ©2015
Yvonne Brondum


I fell in love
I can’t get up
Till you come and give me a hand.

Since I know of you
My blatant disregard of my
Bodily needs just went.

When I think of you
Needles of lust consume me
Together in mind and body
With you I want to be.

The aura of a totally new life
Embraces all for what I strive.
You are on my mind.

You are in my mind
In my imagination in all that is me.
What I used to think was love
Now turns out to have been bluff.

My vibes that swing in the Universe
All carry the image you intonate
It is for you I desperately wait.

About the Poet:

Alexandra Rodrigues was born in Berlin, Germany.  Surviving World War II, she lived between Germany, Austria and Sweden.  Coming to America she moved to New York where she still resides.  She spends her time writing awesome poetry.

All Artwork is by Yvonne Brondum.

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