Awaken Me – Poem by Michelle Burgess

Awaken Me

Empower me
With your pen
Let me slowly submit to your Elegy
Fuel me with brutality
Jim Crow prisons
Blood stained cotton fields
And cesspools called Amistads
In your ballads,
Beauty is often
Drizzled in deep rooted melanin,
Bruised in Love’s blackened rhetoric,
And entangled in ‘once upon a times’
Shatter my shackled voice with your pen
When your words cry freedom,
I will cry confiscated hope
It is through etchings of ancient royalty
Now turned present day malady,
That we peel back layers
Of imperfect prose
Layers of history
And deep seeded righteous illiteracy scribbled across time-
Through your elements of rhyme
America is painted ignorant,
Basking in unconscious civility
Through the eyes of a Man
Who is at war with himself,
With his placated history,
I see Power written in time
Teach me to survive these shades of historical misconceptions, Black Man
Let your words
Beckon strongholds
And destroy them with Truth
What’s a comfort zone,
But a minuscule place of mediocrity
So write on
Faith is a massive dwelling place
Of endless purpose…
And I believe, my King

About the Poet:

Michelle Burgess is a poet from Memphis, TN.  She is currently exploring her poetic talents and hopes to produce more poems of empowerment, love and peace.

Feature artwork by Lenise Bryant for Art Inside of Me 

New Novella from author Gregory A Waits, Jr. available on

New Novella from author Gregory A Waits, Jr. available on

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