As the year wounds to a close, cocktailmolly would like to thank all of its supporters.  The task to helping people appreciate fresh, independent talent is not for the faint heart, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.  It has been a pleasure to produce for the readers of cocktailmolly talented poets, authors, entrepreneurs and musicians.  With that being said, cocktailmolly would like to feature in this post some fine musical talent that is on the rise throughout the world.

Dessy Di Lauro:

IMG_5188   A talented, soulful singer and songwriter.  Recently, performed her “Neo-Ragtime” show to the UK and wowing audiences.  Her retro/avant garde style and mellifluous voice is sure to excite and delight more audiences around the world.  Dessy di Lauro’s new EP, Say Hep Hep (available on itunes, spotify, Amazon and CD baby) is receiving positive reviews and is slated to be among one of the best new releases of 2015 by various magazines.  More information about Dessy’s release and performance dates can be found at her website,  Follow her on twitter @dessydilauro and  on Facebook at Dessy Di Lauro.


Akua Naru:


A strong hip hop vocalist with the artistic ability to make listeners reminisce and appreciate the growth of hip hop from it’s nascent phases to the period before the genres current commercial explosion.  Born and raised in New Haven, CT (USA), Akua now resides in Cologne, Germany where she is constantly inspired to write her beautifully conscious songs.  Naru has released three cd’s.  Her current one, The Miner’s Canary is available on itunes, spotify, and Amazon.  Videos containing her new singles are available on her website,  Follow her on twitter @akuanaru and Facebook at akua naru.





An esoteric band has a sound that is a fusion of many genres folk,blues and (most notably) rock.  Ladysoal.  Sharika Soal is the bands front woman and belts out hard vocals with the band lending heavy guitars and drums increasing the potency of rock n’ roll sound with a soulful edge.  Hailing from Ames, Iowa, the band appears to be fearless experimenters with their sound.  Currently without a full EP or CD, Ladysoal does have singles of their music available on itunes, Amazon, spotify, iHeart Radio and soundcloud.  Also, their videos are available on Youtube.

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    • Thanks so much for your feedback New Healthy Man … It is truly appreciated and I like the idea that people are appreciating the effort putting being put into this project providing a source for independent talent around the world. Hope to keep you and others like you engaged. And please pass the word on so people can support the artists that are being displayed here. Love&Peace2U


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