Glass by Bruno

“It has definitely positively affected my ability to deal with stress. One of the things I do when I feel the beginnings of a panic attack is think about the next beautiful thing. Sometimes, I get so lost in thought I even forget to panic! Not all the time, of course, but often enough to let me know I’m on the right track. Like all stress management techniques, I need to make myself focus and breathe, but I would say it’s definitely one of the best tools in my anti-panic arsenal.”

Donna from MyOBT speaking about the positive affect the blog & her quest for one beautiful thing has impacted her life.

Initially, this week I set out to showcase photographers that had a keen eye for beauty but ran across Donna’s blog & the amazingly beautiful write she had done about viewing glassworks by the artist Bruno Romanelli and I had to feature/reblog it her on cocktailmolly.

I hope everyone enjoys her blog & pop in to share in her experiences as she hunts like an archaeologist on an excavation in ancient lands of Greece, Rome, & Africa for … One Beautiful Thing.


bruno 9 Bruno Romanelli

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