Paci Unashamed!


Paci 2Francesco Salerno Paci is a bold photographer.  Bold and unashamed of discovering and crafting carefully, pensive snapshots and portraits of the female body.  If pictures are worth a thousand words then Paci’s pictures tells the audience, and intense admirers of his, that admiration of the feminine is nothing to be ashamed of.  His appreciation and love for the natural woman is evident as he captures their bodies in every twist and turn; from the varied emotional expressions detailed on their faces to a variety of poses in a particular room.

Although he is not a conservative – traditional point & click – photographer, he does know how to preserve the feminine mystique with his camera as a true lover of the feminine would know how to do effortlessly …

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He knows how to explore their entire beauty while maintaining a deep respect for their alluring qualities.  From the lens of Paci, a birth to all the human emotions regarding the woman emerges: desire, lust, respect,  sincerity, the mythical, the angelical.  It is all so real but surreal at the same time.

Francesco Salerno Paci lives in Florence, Italy and is a freelance photographer.  To learn more about his work check out his site Francesco Salerno Paci Photoraphie .

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