Nikki Taplin: Providing Quality Business SALUTEtions

This month I promised to feature black talent in business and arts and beyond in an effort to celebrate Black History Month.  The goal is to showcase people making hedgeway in the here and now.  In todays post I am proud to feature an emerging entrepreneur from Houston, Texas, Nikki Taplin.


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Can you tell readers of cocktailmolly what your company Business SALUTEtions and its goals?


Business SALUTEtions is a consulting business that specializes in start-ups but assists other businesses and entrepreneurs that are already formed and established. We have many goals, but our primary goal for business owners and entrepreneurs is to help them maximize their potential in the areas that we service them so that their business, as we say, gets the RESPECT that it deserves. Business SALUTEtions seeks to serve others in not just professionalism, but in excellence;to raise the bar in how business is handled and looked upon.


In wake of Black History Month, who would you cite as your greatest African American influence?


In wake of Black History Month, I would say one of my greatest influences is Harriet Tubman, even in business. This is because she said that she freed a thousand slaves and could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. I feel the same way. If only people knew they were slaves, mentally and financially, I could set them free from the things that bind them.   However, it would not be me alone but the God in me.


How has your hometown, Houston, Texas, influenced your professional ambitions?


My hometown, Houston, TX, has influenced my professional ambitions tremendously. First, in that it is a city that ranks No. 1 in America in multimillionaire population growth. Second, as I watch Houston and the surrounding cities expand and develop, I see nothing but opportunity. This all implies that people here can become as successful in business as they want, if they are willing to work for it.


How do you conduct yourself professionally so that you can deliver quality customer service?


First and foremost as a professional, I conduct myself in a manner that requires me being receptive to the approach of others in business; hearing them out whether we work together or not. Secondly, I seek opportunities to learn and grow and to put my customers’/clients’ needs first. With me, it is all about SERVING and that is the ATTITUDE that I push through my business. Thereby, my business becomes OUR business because every service provider as well as those that receives services through my business becomes a part of my business. Therefore, my business is ….OUR BUSINESS. And our business is SERVING.


What is your personal motto for success? What keeps your ambition going?


My personal motto for success is JUST KEEP PUSHing! Because if you want it bad enough; that is the only option that you have. Every day I make the decision to Keep PUSHing because my dreams, goals, and desires cannot be denied without me having regrets. And nothing is worth me having the regret of not striving for the life that I want and making the difference in the world that I can.  My ‘Why” is too big and my ‘Why’ keeps my ambition going.

2 thoughts on “Nikki Taplin: Providing Quality Business SALUTEtions

  1. Love love love it….i feel blessed and honored to know such a beautiful woman inside and out…..way to go Nikki and never STOP!!😊


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