The Crazy One: By Jake Sandt

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My burning tongue from morning sting,
The pleasure taste so right,
Yet not quite sure what it means
to repeat the same delight.

Smothered with an aura of repetition,
Boredom starts to sink,
Knowing now that intellectuals
More often over think.

Through analytical observation,
I’ve discovered ripeness in life
is available to those who escape the mind
And blur the average vice.

With this dark uncommon wickedness,
The secret found contained
A beautiful gift which if loved
We brand the lover insane.

So the journey i walk, fancied by most,
This is the path you want,
But still you wallow in dead perception
And i’m the crazy one?


© Copyright 2015, 2016 – All rights reserved

Jake Sandt is a proud poet that is currently writing poems for his site The Paper Phoenix and attempting to raise funds for it.

Featured Photography by: Cornelis Verwaal

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