A Strange Coincidence: by Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan




a strange coincidence

by: gaiyaiobi xzandis-zaevan


slowly, the sun rises

like the heads and eyes of


the weary ones

awaiting their peace as


they stand for death from

sitting for so long.


the sun shines

like an enlightened thought


in a peach & purple sky

becoming azure. unappreciated.


people are driving anxiously

to a profession they despise


with fiendish eyes

small wars, big efforts



road rage imminent.


the parked car

on side of the road


just at the exit to the

Outer Beltway


Vrooms! whistling vehicles

changing, cutting lanes


some people are jogging,

others talking & blogging


in a nearby cafe

this is a nice neighborhood see?


who are those people

right there, sleeping


in their cars? a panic ensues

people are surrounding the


car with fierce eyes, ice haste

police & helicopters follow then


the media. whoa. nobody noticed



the white hair. pure chocolate skin.

black dress & a dozen black flowers


falling from her lap onto

the ground as


she leaves the car

walking in the midst


no one noticed



or him; his dead body

resting in the drivers’ seat


with blood soaked shirt

and a blade stuck in his throat.


the homeless couple snatched

from their vehicle


people are offended, screaming

kill them! jail them!


she walks through the madness

manages to shove 2K in


the homeless woman’s pocket

as she is shoved in back of


the squad car. her. she

winks at a cop. he smiles.


she walks on. no one notices



her victim

or her driving away.


©2015, 2016 Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan All Rights Reserved



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