Lady Sings The Blues … By: Rondel Thompson


Lady Sings the Blues

Part 1

Dinner and music
A night on the town
To please my loving wife
But what would unfold
A story left untold
Secrets of my previous life

A flood of memories took me away
As soon as I heard her voice
Teleporting me to that fateful day
When I made that life-changing choice

The melody started out silky smooth
Yet hauntingly familiar and slow
Our eyes met conveying the regret
Of a truth buried long ago

She sang of the pain
Of two in love
When one is made to choose
Then me and my wife
Left the club
While the lady sang the blues

Part 2


He reopened wounds
Revealing a loss so deep
Love and pain…emotions remain
And the secrets that we keep

We were meant to be
Until life got in the way
Love in vain replaced by pain
My life left in disarray

He even sent me a letter
After the choice was made
I left it sealed and sent it back
Words won’t comfort a woman betrayed

I was hoping that it was over
That my love for him was through
And I can tell by the look in his eyes
That he still loves me too

I wonder if she knows
That he’d rather be with me
That her life as his wife
Is a fallacious fantasy

But now that I’ve seen them
I know that I must move on
Choices made and heavy costs paid
All hopes of happiness are gone…


Part 3

He hasn’t been himself
Since the other night
Ever since we saw that blues singer
Things haven’t been quite right

He looked as if he’d seen a ghost
As if they’d met before
He denies the story in their eyes
But I know that there’s much more

So I went into the attic
I searched through a box of his things
Though I was scared, I was also prepared
For whatever this search brings

I found a letter written by my husband
Addressed to a woman with the singer’s name
Reading his words, though I am undeterred
I know that nothing will be the same

He spoke of how he loved her
Though he must do what’s right
I was the other chick that he’s forced to pick
Because of the passion of one night

He would be a husband and father
For me and our unborn son
So he would painfully stay with me
And that’s when things came undone

I would lose our baby
Shortly after we got married
And now I know things that didn’t show
The anger and resentment that he carried

This letter explained so much
Far more than a talk would have been able
He’ll find this letter and my wedding ring
On HIS kitchen table.



“Lady Sings The Blues” ©2016 Rondel Thompson


  1. Woman In Blue Dress by Serena Tafari
  2. Goddess by Will Smith
  3. Esoteric by Celeste Curry

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