Raneika Raine: A Woman With A New Path

Raneika Raine is a talented, emerging writer and entrepreneur.  She is involved in a myriad of projects and has granted cocktailmolly a succinct interview pertaining to her latest projects and what is next for her.  Read&Njoy. 

1. Tell everyone about your name. Is it your birth name or a pen name and how’d you come up with it?
My name is Raneika Raine. Raneika is my birth name. Raine is a nickname derive from the letters in my first name. Raine is shorter for people to easily remember. I came up with the name as a teenager.
2. You seem to be doing a lot creatively. Can u tell readers about your writing projects and other media projects your involved in?
I been writing poetry since I was 14 years old. I’ll be 28 this coming July 15th. That means it has been fourteen years since i began to write my poetic thoughts down on paper. I am working on my first book an autobiography title “The Color of Raine” set to release this Winter 2016! I currently have a web design business. Also, I ran an entertainment website and have done some online broadcasting.
3. What are some of the artists that influenced you and your creative projects?
As a writer discovering Maya Angelou growing up I was in awe with her language and unique home-feel style. I admire creative artists like Nas, Common, Lupe Fiasco and many others. Music with a story to tell. When I ran my online broadcast I sought after a lot of artists that were unique; artists who creativity inspired my own.

4. Being a mother and professional renaissance woman, how do you balance it all? Also, what advice would u give to others attempting to juggle parenthood with professional goals?
I am a single parent. I divide my schedule between my child time in daycare and my time devoted to my other passions in web design, poetry, and my book. I take things one day at a time and focus on the agenda I set for the day. I have had some sleepless nights but everything runs beautifully. I couldn’t imagine being in the position I am today. Once my father passed in 2010 I moved to a different, big city and wasn’t able to keep Publication2up the demand of my entertainment business and broadcast so I quit. A stranger in a new city without a job I was homeless, got into a lot of bad relationships etc. but I am here now back at it again with a new set of goals and dreams! My advice: Find your light and shine through it all. Always find a way back to what you love to do! I went through my trials and tribulations but I have gotten back to who I am.

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