A Brief Portfolio of the Kreative Works of S. Hugh Spier




OK-I was born in NYC  in 1943. I  have traveled extensively in my life, lived in Italy, France, California, and now in Maine USA. I have been an experimental painter for over 50 years. As a painter, I am very prolific and attracted to the 4 levels of life in my  paintings; water, fire, air, earth. These are the things that I am always trying to integrate into my work, creating space(air) enabling the paintings to breathe and and be held together as a complete composition(glue).  My artistic “heroes” are Cezanne, Matisse, Turner, and the Cave painters of Chauvet.  Lastly I Studied art in Italy and France.




IMG_4335 (1)IMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0002 (1)IMG_0001IMG_0001 (1)IMG_4341IMG_0002IMG_0016IMG_0004IMG_0027IMG_0003IMG_0008IMG_0007IMG_0011IMG_0007 (1)

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