Introducing the Talented Fine Art Artist Janusz Orzechowski


Someone’s creative offspring can detail much about their ideals, philosophies, and various characteristics, whether visible or concealed.  Janusz is a Polish artist with a body of work that reveals to the audience a fascination with pop culture – past and present.  Hence the presence of many film and comic book heroes in his art meshed with the ordinary activities found among various human communities.  He creates large figurative paintings that are a collage of pop art, realism and surrealism.  “My works are creative compositions that take on shape of dreamy visions. Landscapes, which have their own rights, are rich in details and symbols.   Paintings are an illustration of my times and experiences.”


Janusz Orzechowski graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Art at the High School of Craft Art in Szczecin in 2006.   He presented his thesis in the Workshop of Poster and Illustration. After graduation, he dealt with the graphic design. Currently, his activity is focused on painting.  Also, he has taken part in many group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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Below is a list of exhibitions the artist has been involved in & awards received.

Participation in exhibitions: – Exhibition in the Gallery of one painting in the Pomeranian Library in Szczecin, 1.05.2010 – 30.05.2010 – Group exhibition at the seat of the Pommernhus in Greifswald in Germany, 2.06.2010 – 4.07.2010 – Exhibition in the Cafe 22 in Szczecin, 1.09.2010 – 31.12.2010 – Exhibition in the Baltica Wellness & SPA in Szczecin, 31.12.2010 – 1.05.2013 – Exhibition in PKO Bank Polski First Department in Szczecin, 3.11.2010 – 15.04.2011 – Exhibition at the International House of Culture in Międzyzdroje, 19.04.2011 – 8.05.2011 – Exhibition at the seat of the AssoPolonia in Bari, Italy, 9.11.2012 – 11.11.2012 – Exhibition in the Scientific Bookshop PWN, Department in Poznań, 23.04.2013 – 1.06.2013 – Exhibition in the Toruń Plaza shopping gallery in Toruń, 10.06.2013 – 7.07.2013 – Collective post-competition exhibition in Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas, 1.04.2014 – 30.04.2014 – Collective exhibition “Jasiński & friends III” in the gallery located near the theater in Warsaw, 6.10.2014 – 14.01.2015 – Collective exhibition in the Szczecin Philharmonic – organizer: the Winter Salon ORIENT Gallery, 14.01.2015 – 30.02.2015 – Collective exhibition “Final product – By-product” in the ZPAP Gallery in Szczecin, 3.06.2015 – 30.06.2015 – Collective exhibition “Through the fourth wall – Witkacy’s drama on canvas” in the Oficyna Gallery Art & Design in Warsaw, 2.12.2015 – 5.01.2016 – Exhibition “Why So Serious?” in the Oficyna Gallery Art & Design in Warsaw 10.06.2016 – 22.06.2016 Participation and awards in competitions: – Award for the logo in the “Review of graphics prepared by higher education students AGRAFA”, 2005; – Award in the “International contenst for satirical drawing” under the title “Radio”, Kożuchów, 2005; – Award in the competition for the poster “It will be era of clean energy”; – Award in the completion for an illustration to the calendar “Luka bandita”; – Award in the competition for the poster “Boatswain related to the region”, 2011; – Award in the painting competition Złoty Wawrzyn “A to Polska właśnie”, DNA Gallery in Wroclaw, 2015.

View more of the work from the talented artist Janusz Orzechowski and find out about his latest events & shows on his facebook page, Janusz Orzechowski: Fine Art Artist.

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