One night I got trapped inside a poem
and the only way out was to ride on words.
While knowing it sounds absurd,
oh what a ride!
Shifting me inside
like paper caught in wind.
Like I would never remember again
what it felt like to be sturdy;
but dirty
from wearing other people’s shit
and thinking nothing of it…
…it was just the selfless thing to do…

( AIR )

I’m trying to remember true
how I first got trapped.
Maybe it was when my life was mapped
out for me
and it seemed I couldn’t stay on course.
Or maybe it was when I first began to feel remorse…

(AIR )

Maybe it was when I let the neighbor boy look into my eyes and say he loved me
and I didn’t look away
and let myself listen to what All he had to say
with his heart and his eyes…and his hands…

( AIR )

See… my truth demands
that I dream with both eyes open,
nothing bent or broken
but the rules of thumb.
I did not play dumb.

But he did…
that Morning After,
when his laughter
was his scorn
of my heart torn
from my believing what All He Had Said.


Trapped in living Life out loud.
Much too stubborn and too proud
to hang my head,
or to live my life in dread
of The Truth;
even tho I had seen ample proof
that bravado is born
only in the middle of the night
when there is no light.
I choose to see my love and wear it
like my spirit’s
bolder outer garment.

And that’s how Poetry exists in me,
and I am trapped in It…
and the words I ride inside
make it impossible to hide
and they set me free,

so that I may show you Me…


Khalil Somadi is a journalist, poet, and activist from Kingston, Jamaica. A graduate of Howard University he currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Feature photography is by Ocean Morisset

3 thoughts on “BEING A POET IS MORE THAN WRITING POEMS” by Khalil Somadi

  1. A symphony plays and the chorus hums as a bold Baritone bellows fire that purifies every syllable as it comes to life declaring its message sensitively, sensually, determinedly and definitively, that no darkness can quiet the ongoing declaration of the truth of this writer’s unapologetic realization and discovery of himself!!


  2. Love reading your piecès, they always take me to where u are & beyond. Always thought provoking, they touch my spirit. Keep on doing what u do


  3. Hypocrite in every way. Activist he’s not. Narcissist he is; which to be fair is a trait carried within his genes and genesis of birth. As long as the Sun rises this shadow will follow! Makes soldiers from black clay; say his spoken words aloud and see you’re his claim. King he demamds; Queen’s he culture as a Black Jim Jones. Slowly sipping on the koolaid using explorations of a woman’s caring nature; HIV+ and tumors he cures with voodun powers. No! Those are his vice to attract you as his mice. So be the cheese that gives him power he desires. One day you’ll learn of liar’s; he’s this which I know is a jolt, but as a pimp to women and men who worship, welcome yourself to a neo-cult.


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