Two Poems from Blossom Poetry


You took me to a world

And held me captive in your arms

There was no escaping your grasp …. on all of me.

How could I leave such a warm, enticing place

When every part of me you devoured and engaged so intensely

That I was shackled to you ….

With my heart; my body

Encased in a shell that no one else would ever prise open

To find the treasures of the deep

The pearl that was yours; and would be for eternity

Such riches of the depths that you sought …. and found

With strength and desire I have never felt or seen before … and never will again

You are mine with every breath that I breathe; every move that I make

And to this world that you have conquered and rule ….

I will stay …. captive by your side




Did you say that you loved me when you walked away, … or
was it just the echo of my wishes that I heard.

My body ached for all the love that we’d shared, emptied
like a jar of useless hearts, .. spent, before there was chance
to save.

Discarded, …. worthless,

Me, a task you’d had to endure for all this time, … yet one
that I desperately hoped you would persevere,

… but your eyes always spoke the truth, and tho your words
they left kindly from your lips, …. the heartache was cruel.

Your steps as you left, I followed in my mind,

… until after time the memory was too faint to care

Blossom Poetry is a poet hailing from Manchester, UK.

Featured artwork by Surya Fittriadi. A talented artist from Sabang, Indonesia.

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