Chris Green The Poetic Genius Speaks

Cocktail Molly
How are u doing today? Let’s dive in and ask you the routine question of when did you discover your love & passion for writing poetry?
Chris Green
I’m good, can’t complain. Got my lil one with me so I’m happy … I discovered my love for writing in high school when I was 17. I started when I was 13 but I realized that I was completely in love with it my junior year.
Cocktail Molly
Yes I was scrolling through my feeds one day and a girl was with me & saw your baby; she was enamored by how cute your baby is?    So when it comes to poetry you do not write in the traditional styles, would you consider your poetry street poetry, hip hop … something along the lines of Gil Scott Heron and Black Thought? How do you define yourself & your poetry?
Chris Green
🙂 Yeah she’s a beauty. Light of my life.  14691099_10157622201390500_7729736341734669241_n
Good question, I define my poetry as a mix of that for sure. Sometimes it’s a bit street/hip hop, i like to call it Poetry Rap. Really I just look at it as free verse. When I write I give myself no restrictions on lines or syllables or anything, I let it be “free” to do what it wants.
Cocktail Molly
So how do you feel about rhyming poetry? Is it something that you do not like to do in your own writings?
Chris Green
I love rhyming poetry, the majority of what I’ve written over the years is rhyming poetry. That’s where the rap aspect comes in. I believe I’m a master of rhyming poetry, it can be shunned in some literary circles but I think when done right it creates a beautiful rhythm like a song. I love rhyming poetry and will continue to implement it in my work
Cocktail Molly
Cool … I want to go back to the discussion about you being a father, have you seen your approach to your creative work change since you became a father? In regards to topics you discuss like sex and violence and other hot topics?
Chris Green
I didn’t think I did at first, but I noticed in my new book Shots and Stings I had placed some thoughts of fatherhood in there and I saw it from a view I don’t think I would have if I didn’t have her. I do write about some things differently but for the most part, I still approach topics that I have before her because I still think they’re needed
Cocktail Molly
Great. So you believe that as a poet your voice is relevant in speaking about the real issues? What makes how you approach poetry from the StreetHip-Hop style stronger than the traditional style of poetry? How do you feel you relate to the people with your poetry?
Chris Green
I think lessons can be taken from poems and things can be learned. Especially when speaking about the issues. Poetry is one of the strongest ways to bring about knowledge. I don’t think the hip hop style is stronger but it offers a completely different way of doing things.  It’s more attractive to the up and coming generation who would find traditional poetry boring. I feel as if I relate to the people with my poetry cause I always bare my soul and spirit in my work. Even if it’s not about me you can feel my love, dedication and respect for poetry in my work. And when I write I write from my heart, I think people respect that I put myself out there and bare all
Cocktail Molly
It’s amazing at how diligently you are making poetry your career. You have managed to become published in anthologies and produced several books, which I have read and actually liked Punch Line Poetry & Grand Slam. What advice could you give to emerging poets trying to get their footing in the industry?
Chris Green
I’m trying my best to, and I appreciate that you took the time to read those. The advice I would give is to just go for it. If no one will publish you, like in my case, publish yourself, keep writing, let no one deter you with their opinions. Write on. Market yourself if no one else will. I’m still struggling to reach where I want to be but I push on, I write, I practice and I keep aspiring. That’s all I can say for real, [just] go for it.
Cocktail Molly
Alright. Now how many books have you written and are you writing a new one currently?
Chris Green
I have published 4 actual books and 2 e-books for download. I’m currently working on 2 more for print. They will drop next year
Cocktail Molly
Great and the books that are out currently what link should people follow if they are interested in purchasing and reading your work?
Chris Green

Life Love and Poetry is my first poetry collection and can be purchased at the following link …
Life Love and Poetry 2, is my second book published and can be purchased at …
Cocktail Molly
And lastly, what’s next for Chris Green the Poetic Genius? Are you doing any spoken word events? I know you almost won the Black Poetry Event in Atlanta last year, any more public presentations of your work or must the audience be sated with the books for the moment?
Chris Green
For a moment it’s just the books and posting online trying to get out there but I’m revamping myself preparing for spoken word performances and competition, when I finish training I’ll take that on. And looking for local talent to host open mics in my area. I wanna start some in my area
Cocktail Molly
Cool. Okay I’m done with my question is there anything you would like to add? Anything you want to tell people about Chris Green that you feel they should know?
Chris Green
I think that covers the most of it, just wanna say give my books a chance, especially Shots & Stings. Give me a chance as a poet and you won’t regret it. And to remember #GottaGetThisPoetry
An excerpt from Chris Green The Poetic Genius’ poem Knockout:
1….you all done
2….do you have a clue bout my Poetic Genius?
3…ain’t never seen this
Type of showing
4…with competition I wipe the floor
5….just hear me live
I’ll cause you to lose your eyes
Witness the best at his prime
I’m Poetry’s #1 pick
I was born for this
I was gifted by Heaven
8, knowing I’m the best I can look past the hate
9…clearly it’s my time
And 10
I prove why I’m the best again
With 1,000 + words
Can still sleep on me, but don’t ever act like you ain’t heard “Poetic Genius”
Or read this again to be hit in the faceThe champ is here….
I cement my place

In history….

(Ring the bell)

This a knockout.

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