The Passion & Energy Constantly Spins with DJ Spivey


Originally from Detroit, Spivey, born Dave Spivey, lived during the halcyon days when the city was a thriving example of middle class wealth in Midwestern America.  “Culturally, I haven’t seen a city quite like it,” Spivey admits as he reminisces on everything from the communities to the historical music scene from his hometown.  Detroit was not simply the place where the Motown company and sound was fashioned; or where the car industry was developed with Ford and his Model T.  It was a bustling city with families and communities enjoying one another’s company.  There were great restaurants, schools, block club and skating parties and record shops.  “Those were great times, man.  In the old days it was about the connection; that energy,” Spivey recollects.


While visiting the friend of his mother when he was thirteen, Spivey saw something that changed his life and sparked a lifelong fascination with music.  He saw the DJ equipment of the son of his mother’s friend.  “I saw it before I heard it. I truly fell in love with the sight of the gear.”  After being shown some cool moves from this young man, Spivey was hooked.  He clearly remembers seizing the opportunity to ask his grandmother for two turn tables and a mixer.  Much to his surprise she granted her grandson’s request and before he knew it he was anxiously collecting music and entertaining friends in his home.

His passion for being a DJ increased as he moved on to high school and began doing parties for classmates and other random friends and associates.  However, life began to take him in another direction.  Spivey stopped deejaying at the close of the 1980s and the emergence of the golden 1990s.  School, work, and just simply living life halted this boyhood passion and dream of deejaying.


Pure passions may be halted but never buried and living introduces us all to many lessons; one of those lessons being that no matter how far we move away from something, if it is meant to be life will lead us back to it. Such was the case with DJ Spivey, who found himself in the early 2000s returning to his DJ equipment and pursuing it fervently. Spivey finds that mixing is a long process, but rewarding.”I find myself being inspired by many things -art, music, and moods. It’s really  an energy thing. I can have twenty things to do and then everything – the beats, sounds, songs, concepts – comes to me.”

Spivey’s passion and energy has proven to be successful.  He has been tending to exclusive and huge events including parties in China and United States with plans to tour South Africa in the upcoming year.  He has produced a gospel mix on his YOUTUBE channel (DJ Spivey)  that was well received much to Spivey’s surprise.  “People [can] feel when [one] is true and real.”  Also, Spivey has manged to organically build 10,000 followers on his YOUTUBE channel and is in the process of gaining more as he is making hedge-way into production, while doing remixes, edits and working on other original material for his upcoming cd.

Upon being asked to name his favorite DJ’s, Spivey quickly runs off a brief list.  Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Derrick May, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Black Coffee .  Our conversation veers into how truly talented the musicians are, how many do not get recognized for their pure talents,  and how the industry has become littered with many that did not have as much “umph”.  Spivey humbly admits that a lot has gone away from true love of music and that he has hope the industry will bounce back.”It is an industry that is in a transition and audience as well as the artists must once again fuse to generate that energy and passion needed to keep the industry fueled.”  He further indicates that he is a DJ that makes an effort to reach out to emerging DJ’s worldwide as well as those that are established because it is imperative to “keep people that inspire you. You can learn from anyone … as i have stated previously, I have no desire to be a millionaire. I just want to make good music and have people appreciate it.”


Animated spinning record by digital artist and hobbyist Duh … Huh


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