Darrell Herbert:The Ambition of An Artivist

Darrell Herbert is a special kind of poet. He is an artist that seeks to incorporate his art with his activism.  This is not something that is particular new but every lifetime produces that one artist that seems to go that extra mile for their ambition to achieve great things, not just for their art, but for humanity.  It takes special artists to remove themselves from a selfish realm of being and find a way to understand that they are a part of the human race.  And Mr. Darrell Herbert has managed to converge the arts and activism in an effort to create an imaginative and more human society for everyone in the present and future.  It is a pleasure to present here the Artivist, Darrell Herbert.
Where were you born and raised?
Darrell Herbert
I was born in Washington State. I was raised in Brooklyn.
As you have been published in a wide variety of places, what is your goals as a poet & songwriter?
Darrell Herbert
My goals as a poet and songwriter are to be a voice for those who feel indifferent, depressed, angry, misunderstood, suicidal, etc.
You considered yourself an Artivist and you explained that as being the fusion of artist and activist. Some of the activism that you partake in includes diseases and gender roles and homelessness. Can you expatiate on what has drawn you to activism and using your art to get your message out there? And why do these particular issues mean so much to you? Why this need to be a voice for the groups of people you are choosing to dedicate yourself to?
Darrell Herbert
I chose to fuse my activism with my artistry because art, as well as taking action are the weapon. A lot of people blindly pass by the homeless, people with diseases, among other things. People don’t always turn around, or go out of their way to help others who are down on hard times. I dedicate a lot of my time to matters such as homelessness, disease, and gender roles, to ensure that people walk away with a smile, that people walk away having a different outlook on life as a whole. So that is why I feel it is my obligation to use my activism, alongside of my artistry to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

©Spiritual * By George Adamantidis

Where do you think that you developed this sense of compassion? Was this part of your family & community upbringing or something that developed as you are aging?
Darrell Herbert
I developed this sense of compassion as I aged. Oftentimes, I read newspapers to keep up with what was going on during those times. I gradually saw how communities were suffering, as well as the people within those communities. Subsequently enough, such stories of violence and diseases, among other things, have fueled my desire to use my artistry and activism in a positive manner.
Honestly, I’m curious to see how your Artivist efforts develop in the coming years. Now with a lot of poets and/or songwriters, there are particular events that have had an effect on their work. I know some poets have had such tragic events as death of a loved one, issues with violence, a meltdown, or more healthy aspects such as love, spiritual awakening, and altruism. What other experiences, do you believe have played a significant role in your work?
Darrell Herbert
I believe that experiences of rejection and isolation are among the most significant events that have played an important role in my work. More specifically, those feelings of rejection, have ultimately resulted in me writing some of my best works.



I’ve gotten the chance to read some of your poetry and I will admit that you’re an impressive writer. The voice resonates inside the imagination of the reader easily. So let’s dive into the one question that I think people would love to know about you. You have been writing poems and songs for a long time now, since you were five years old. Who can you recall that has been some of your main influences to write poems and songs over the years? Tell me who are some of the poets & songwriters that you admire?
Darrell Herber
I recall some of my main influences to write poems and songs over the years were isolation. In those many moments of isolation, I would write on my walls using black marker, either out of sadness, anger, or feelings of being lonely. On the other hand, some of the poets and that I admire include Sylvia Plath, Tupac Shakur, Anne Sexton, John Berryman, Sergei Esenin, and Hart Crane. Additionally, some of the songwriters that have influenced me include Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, J. Cole, One Day as a Lion, Amy Winehouse, Eminem, and Rage Against The Machine.

©A Metamorphosis of Orange * By George Adamantidis


You can not sleep because the child has no schedule
They make you feel disoriented
Exhaustion is an awful thing
Is the child breathing?
There’s quietness, gentleness
It’s delicate, it’s empty
Dissociation from it
Enlarged breast, she is probably breastfeeding
A balloon is only a balloon when it is empty
The cries are just empty, it is personal, revealing emotion
I’m distant from you, impersonality bleached, leech
Gagging on my hair, cut off my breathing cycle by removing the pair
Bringing a wedding ring is a constructed thing
I sound frightfully American
Dying like an orgasm, the little death
You come in and I charge you, you watch my body
Disintegrate, electric charge, sexual charge
Remember me after I am gone
I have become this religious icon
Every altar, every relic
When he dies, they take the ring off of his finger, the charge
How many things do they suggest?
It is dressed
It dresses and burns along with the shoes
Here’s a statue of a gold baby
An idol someone worships
The idea that this valuable thing I am has now vanished
Extreme, extreme
Blue black hair-dye 
These different personalities slice like white on rice
My skin is like a napkin, the skeleton is there
That smell is going to disappear 
Baal, the demon
But, her vagina never leaked blood on my semen
I imagine that as my body is wrapped up, the summary unrevealed
I’m finished, I’ve concluded
Alternate being
©2016 Disappearance by Darrell Herbert * All rights reserved
Great artistry develops with a diverse interest in many things. You indeed have a diverse amount of interests musically & poetically? I must ask this question which is quite extemporaneous, but how did your interest in Hart Crane, Berryman and Rage Against The Machine, and Amy Winehouse come about?
Darrell Herbert
Well, my interest in Hart Crane, Berryman and Rage Against The Machine, and Amy Winehouse stemmed from their relatable subject matters. I also loved how they defied how artistry is presented, this can then be coupled with how their artistry was delivered to the masses of people who also connected with them.
Outside of your more altruistic inspirations for writing, what are some other things that provides inspiration to write? Are there particular forms of music and/or entertainment? Nature, etc? Is your creative process a planned one or spontaneous?
Darrell Herbert
Some other things that provide inspiration to write are paintings, observations of things, particular sounds and/or conversations. I also enjoy gaining inspiration from Indie and Grime music. My creative process is mostly spontaneous for the most part.
What’s next for Darrell Herbert?
Darrell Herbert
More publications of poetry. More awards. More interviews. More of being an inspiration for other people.

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