Dreams of Art & Love: The Palette of Se’rah Cheatham


Many Faces of Love #2 ©2016 Se’rah Cheatham

Where are you originally from & where do you live now?
Originally I hail from Brooklyn, NY. But I live in New Bern, NC. which is becoming more artsy every year.
When did you fall in love with art? And when did you know that it was art that you wanted to pursue passionately as a profession?
I have loved art all my life, whether it was one of the masters of the Italian Renaissance or graffiti on the trains and buses in NY.  It all appealed to me.  As for when I ventured into the field, in 2005, I decided I was burning out in EMS and it was time to do something else. So I ended up going to Carteret Coomunity College to study interior design. While in my first year, I had to do a tribute to my favorite artist on a chair.  That artist was Georgia O’Keefe.  And it took off from there.  Blessedly, for me, I had a great support system in my fellow students and my two instructors, Lela McClanahan and Tammy Powell.
It is evident in your work that you are a fan of local muralists & even O’Keefe.  How has art influenced your personality? What do you believe it is about your art that makes you feel better and/or complete?

I feel that art has broadened my horizons. It has made me open to trying new things.  It has given me somewhat of an adventurous nature.  If there is some sort of artwork that I’m doing now, I reflect on the old me; the part of me that might not have been so adventurous about trying a new color or finding myself spending too much time on trying to get this or that line just right. Now when I’m painting, I think, Hmmmm that line isn’t straight, and I just go….Awww hell go with it, lets see where it takes me. Or my my I didn’t intend on that in your face color. Yeah! Lets go with that.


So art has made you a more adventurous person; more willing to try new things. I like that. Do u find that in your everyday actions this sort of freedom has occurred as well because of your gradual acceptance of going with the flow of things in your art?
I think that my art is like Zen for me. No matter how bad the day could be my easel, my canvas, my paints and brushes makes it “easy like Sunday morning.” Oh, and my dog.
What other things do u find influences your creative expression? Music? Movies? Books? Random encounters with people? What do you find jump starts your energy to create at times?
Oh most definitely brother. You know Picasso once said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” As adults we lack that child-like spontaneity. We must get this line right, work that brushstroke to death, etcetera and etcetera and etcetera, ad nauseum. But have you ever watched kids, they just throw caution to the wind; they don’t worry about caution at all.
Music.I’m enjoying jazz more. I love hearing that tragic beauty in Billie Holiday’s voice.  And I’ve been listening to Chrisette Michele along with a lot of ole school hip hop.  I love PBS, Masterpiece Theater, especially, Mystery.  When it comes to books  it’s mysteries for me; Anne Perry, Agatha Christie ….that’s one of those things that’s been with me since I was a kid. I love mystery novels.
What jump starts my creativity sometimes its passing a store and seeing a display or looking at a couple and seeing them kiss or hold hands and that’s what hit me this time. That’s the reason for this Many Faces of Love series.  In fact, I was listening to Chrisette and thinking about a friend of mine. She was getting married. I loved seeing her and her guy together and boom it hit me. It was get to my easel and capture the essence of that love. And from that came this picture Many Faces of Love #1.

Many Faces of Love #1 ©2016 Se’rah Cheatham

Great. So what kinds of events have you been involved that displays your artwork? Are you planning anything now?
I have had my work displayed in some shows, galleries and coffee houses. I have done some commission work, but lately I’m feeling the need to expand. I feel that for my abstract work to move, to sell, I need to expand to a larger audience.
Lastly i would like to ask where can interested people of your work find you? How should they contact you?
Well, I have a fb business page, Se’rah Cheatham Art and Design. I am working to create another professional web page as I’ve broadened my target audience and have not only people in the US, but also the UK and France interested in my artwork. I make a habit of answering people as soon as possible.

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All artwork is the property of the artist and is copyright protected, must not be used without the artist (Se’rah Cheatham) permission.

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