The Little Wicked Mosquito by Alaghde A.K. Terngu


NOTE: Readers of cocktailmolly … The Seven Days of Poetry will commence today.  The first day of poetry will go to the talented poet Alaghde A.K. Terngu.  His poem The Little Wicked Mosquito is a mere introduction to his abilities to tell stories with his poetry.  A light-hearted and enjoyable read for all to share.  ReAd&N-joy ladies & gents …


From sun rise to sun set
the birds flee back to their resting nest
the spider crawl back to it humble web
the ant finds it way back hole

The homeless mosquito batched upon my pelucid hut through the tiny holes from the front door within
it make itself comfortable hanging around the unseen places
it changes it direction every dyin’ second waiting for an opportunity to run in
it played it music on carin’ not if any is in the mood listenin’ to it
it draws near closer more
from my right ear to left ear
oh! Wicked mosquito! Why have you choose to make me a clapper even when am not praising God?

Oh! Dear mosquito! I thought and believed the main time of your operation is only around the rainy seasons
but you totally changed your work schedule
giving it no fix time for work and operating every second
oh! Wicked mosquito!

Why have you choose to design and decorate my skin in unexplainable form?
apart from blood suckin’ i wonder if you have any other occupation
oh wicked mosquito!
when will your mission on earth ever accomplish?

©2017. By: Alaghde kelvin terngu

Alaghde A.K. Terngu is a prolific poet from Gboko, Nigeria. Currently he is working on getting his plethora of poetry compiled and published.

Feature image by artist Vladimir Stevanovic

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