Be The Calm by Rowan Blair Colver

Day 3

On the third day of the 7 Days of Poetry series we bring to you from the United Kingdom Rowan Blair Colver with his tranquil poem Be The Calm. ReaD & nJoY. 

Be the calm in the storm
The boat on the ocean
A moon in the thunder
Perpetual in motion
Be the peace in the sunrise
The heat of the moment
A duckling on the brook
The release from devotion
Be the pause in the echo
The cool of the stone
A sparkle on the rooftop
Pleasure found alone

©2016 Rowan Blair Colver

Feature artwork provided by artist Julian Ruckenbrod

Rowan Blair Colver maintains the Arts & Humanities blog Alternative Fruit as well as the personal blog Rowan Blair Colver. Rowan resides in Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Feature artwork is by artist Julius Ruckenbrod

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