Lover, Hold My Hands by Thaddeus Hutyra


Note: The fourth day of our 7 Days of Poetry series is among us and we bring to you the American poet Thaddeus Hutyra.  Thaddeus’ poem is dripping with the ideas & passion that love brings to the most simple gestures.  With Thaddeus’ poetry love’s possibilities are endless. rEaD & N-joy!

‘ Lover, Hold My Hands! ‘

Lover, hold my hands
let me fly high
in the symphony of our love!

Disintegrate me
into bosons
of the quantum physics.

Let me enter new dimensions
where no time exists
but the infiniteness!

The dimensions crossable
from universes to universes
of the multiverse.

Lover, let me feel the weight
of the wings of love!

Is it not breathtaking
to be I as I am
and become I
stripped of body
I, the soul
of my own making
at all the gates
of the multiverse?!

Blurred face at first
blurred body then
I, the soul
in the reign of the Lord!

I, the consciousness!
As my own thoughts
on the earthly vale of tears.

Swinging right now on Earth
and next time on the outskirts
of the Universe.

The whole multiverse
so visible like London
one is walking in the morning.

Oh lover, believe it
nothing is impossible
Teleporting one day
is what presently iPhones are!

O’lover, hold my hands
let me see it all !

All I know you was right
fake love is our’s not
Let’s bounce back
false alarm not anymore!

We are all filled
with quantum physics
bosons upon bosons
enabling us teleporting
in our own worlds
and in the multiverse.

And more so, enabling us
transforming ourselves
from bodies to souls
and souls to bodies.

Dangerous woman you are not
on the contrary, an angel
bringing me to my destiny
You, the sweet lover !

Become a new hero
behind all the madness
Let me bring you there too
you shall not blame yourself for it.

Oh lover, hold my hands
let us fly where no one else was
we’re the precursors!

Glow, never lose sight
know it nobody but I
cares for you so much!

Cosmic hallelujah is what we are
tangled up in the infiniteness
Body to body, soul to soul
forever, my love!

Oh lover, hold my hands
love me, a lonely night no more!

Oh lover, let’s gather our bosons
teleport to outer worlds
of the multiverse!

Thaddeus Hutyra is a poet and former journalist.  He has been published in numerous literary magazines and has more than seven books published and can be purchased on  Originally from Poland he now resides in New York City, NY where he engages in humanitarian causes in an effort to make the world a better place for all to live.

Featured artwork provided by the complete & phenomenal artist Carlos Aleman.

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